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What is the price of being negative ? NUMBERS 13 to 15

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  • What is the price of being negative ? NUMBERS 13 to 15

    Preview: the terribe price of negativity! NUM 13 To 15

    NUMBERS 13; 1 to 15: 36...............JOSHUA 2:1 to 24............HEBREWS 3: 7 to 19

    This week s parasha deals with the sending out of the spies to scout out the Promised land. When we read the beginning of chap 13, we see that ADONAI said unto Moshe, "go send"
    it wasn t Moshe s idea, it was God s idea, and his command to go visit the Promised land.
    The idea wasn t to find faults, but to see the blessing ahead of time

    When we read the account. we see that 12 men were sent out and 10 came back with a negative report and only Y Hoshua and Caleb came back with a positive report. Have you ever seen a poster with a school of fish going in one direction and only one fish going in the opposite direction, it is called "going against the flow" a pretty hard thing to do at times, at times it just creates more friction. Caleb and Yehoshua wanted to encourage the people, but the other 10 just saw one giant too many. Negativity is contagious, and unfortunately, the majority won. They turned a blessing into a curse, something good became something bad. Did they not know that YHVH could take care of the giants. I mean, the bigger they are the harder they fall.

    We could compare this with the following, suppose you were the owner of a large 5 bedroom house, with 3 bathrooms, a study room, a large garden and a swimming pool. You want to give this to a family that was living in a camp out place, only one bathroom, and when you made your nightly visit to the John, cockroaches would wiggle their antennae to greet you, well you show the house to the family, and they say the following:

    "Oi vey, this is going to be one humongous light bill at the end of every month, too much cleaning, and not to mention cutting all the grass, and the expense to clean the pool, imagine the roof leaking, just getting a ladder out of the garage to going up to the roof, just makes me dizzy, and not to mention the taxes, and .........(grumbe, grumble, grumble, groan)

    Hey, you wanted to GIVE this place to them, but now, do you still want to (still cant find the question mark on this key board) Maybe not, Adonai says, "OK, don t want it, so, you will all WAIT, yeah, 40 years, in the meanwhile. keep on camping out"

    They had their chance,. God would still make good his promise, but they would have to suffer the consequences of taking a negative attitude. Even after seeing the Red Sea open up for them, they still could not see God s hand in all this

    We need to find blessings in ALL situations, even when there seem to be "giant" problems, If it is of God, HE will provide for our needs, HE will work out the details.
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    JOSHUA 2:1 to 24

    Again, we see the spies going into Jerecho, yet they happen upon a prostitute who recognizes just who YHVH is! She recognizes the strength and power of the God of Israel, and she puts her faith to the test. She is rewarded with her life, In the midst of what would be a complete destruction of Jericho, she has and maintains her faith in the promise of tthe two spies. When tough situations come upon us, do we maintain our faith (question)


    HEBREWS 3 : 7 to 19

    Rav Shaul writes to the Messianic believers saying :IF, you listen to God s voice, and not harden your hearts...... it is all CONDITIONAL we could all suffer the loss of blessings and rewards, if we treat blessings as curses, We serve a God who is control of s in control of all things, He knows the outcome before it happens, because He looks from the infinite dimensionan not from the finite dimension. We just have to trust Him in all things

    Rabbi Ben Avraham........... San Salvador, El Salvador

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    Re: What is the price of being negative ? NUMBERS 13 to 15

    Unbelief. Notice that all the did not believe, did not enter into the promised land of Canaan.

    In the NT, all those that do not believe in Jesus (Unbelief) - cannot receive the promised inheritance reserved in Heaven for those who believe- 1 Peter 1:3-4.