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    At the congregation I attend we have had some recent events take place. We've grown and gotten a lot of new members and things have changed over time since I began going there. However I feel like its for the worse... growth is a good thing don't get me wrong... but here is what I am having trouble with. I started attending this church because of its harmony and how well the church got along. It was truly like it should be per Rom 14, we had people who had various beliefs and thoughts on various things that where doubtful things. There were people who attended who it bothered their conscience to eat in the building, but they didn't judge or think ill of those who did, things like that. Which is great, man made traditions shouldn't be binding and of course if it bothers you conscience don't do it. Like Rom 14 for the weaker brother don't judge him for not doing and for the weaker don't judge him who partakes with a good conscience. Rom 14:3-12

    I also understand that we are not supposed to be a stumbling block for our brother, vs 13-ff of the same chapter. However, as of late some members have went to the elders noting various things bother them... mostly silly things that don't matter one wit. Examples are, don't sing songs we don't know during Sunday morning service or new songs, or don't clap after a baptism we should sing songs of praise to give glory to God, or things of that nature, and the Elders have been putting these into place, they note hey if you want to do that nothing wrong with it just don't do it here during this time we've set aside kind of thing.

    However, it got me to thinking... I understand we don't want to be a stumbling block for a weaker brother or sister and don't want to make anyone stumble or defy their conscience... however to myself and others its been quite discouraging to lose those freedoms in Christ we know we have.... so at what point do you stop for the one or two that are offended and think of the entire congregation?

    Obviously ones soul and being a stumbling block is a serious thing I understand that, but at the same time at the rate we're going we'll have to wear a uniform so that we all match... ok ok granted I may be going overboard a little bit but in all seriousness do we continue to go into lock down or is there a better way.

    My thought would be to have a Bible study with those people, however, the Elders won't mention names or tell the congregation who it is for various reasons... so I don't know...

    Anyway let me know your thoughts or if you've ever dealt with something similar.
    Isaiah 6:8 "Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, "Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?" And I said, "Here am I. Send me!" We should always be willing to do God's bidding, seek ye first the kingdom of God.

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    Re: How far should we go?

    Unfortunately in modern society things I regard as 'good manners' like a man removing his hat before entering a house, or church, seem to be disregarded by some - and because the church is 'not judging' the offender is not told it is unacceptable behaviour.
    I have been obliged to leave a Service because the volume of the sound gave me migraine, on that occasion I did tell an elder I don't believe God is impressed by the power of their amplifiers, but may well be by their destruction of the congregations's hearing!
    The point I hope to make is that the old ways of doing things have a lot to commend them, and should only be changed if there is a good reason to do so.


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      Re: How far should we go?

      I don't think worship style, dress, or volume of music is the type of activity that Paul referred to as a "stumbling block."

      A stumbling block is something that would cause a person to abandon their faith or to violate their conscience as to sin.

      Personal style is not a stumbling block.
      Some people are offended that the Sovereign God, because He loved man so much and wanted to be in an intimate relationship with his creation, gave Man a free will to respond to God's grace, offered to all. They are offended that God is God as God chooses to be, not as they choose for God to be.