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    Melchizedek. He is mentioned in hebrews chapter 7, it says he was created like the son of god for he had no mother nor father. im confused about him if jesus was the messiah then of what importance was he?

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    You can read (a little) more about Melchizedek in Genesis 14. He was King of Salem (which is now Jerusalem), and he was also a high priest. He did not come from the Levitic priesthood. In fact, no mention of his lineage is made in the scriptures, nor of his death.
    In the Levitic priesthood, a Levite could be a priest, but not a king. But Melchi was both. And so is Jesus the Christ, both High Priest and King of Kings.
    Melchi was a 'type', or picture, of Christ, and some believe that he was pre-incarnate Christ.
    Abraham paid tithes to him, but does not explain why.