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  • My sense of Sanctification

    What is Sanctification for me? It is still living in the same body, but choosing to turn over control to the spirit of Christ and to the mind of Christ. He may choose to command me to do some things. But on many matters, he simply allows me to make considered choices. In everything, sanctification is choosing to do things with his Spirit guiding my heart in his love. It is choosing against anything that is contrary to his good Spirit, and choosing against anything that separates me from his righteousness.

    In terms of a daily walk with God there are many, many things that we simply don't need to ask for God's wisdom about, if for no other reaon than most things are intuitive. We know we should work, we know we should be responsible, we know what our basic human and family needs are. Doing these things is just a matter of doing what's right.

    Also, living in the image of God, or living moral lives, is intuitive with us. We don't have to ask God what is right to do on many moral issues, because it is intuitive to us. However, the propaganda in the world and from Satan tends to blur our view of what's right. And biblical law helps us focus on what our conscience indicates is right to do.

    But in everything we do we're supposed to have God's Spirit resident within us. If we live contrary to God's Spirit we grieve Him. If we live by His Spirit the things we do tend to have the aroma of Christ in them.

    Sanctification usually means trying to preserve a good witness, because we know we are flawed, and get out of character often. To the degree we correct the sin tendency we tend to live sanctified lives. If we lose our love, we will lose our "saltiness."

    Our redemption, theologically, is based on the atonement of Christ, in which Christ's life substituted for our own, and then was gifted to us as a new life within us. We aren't divine, and we aren't perfect. But the spiritual life we've been given can live regularly within us, rendering us "new creatures."

    This means that Christ's death for our sins was so that we may live in newness of life, by his Spirit exclusively. We are to put off the deeds of the flesh, which are nothing more than living apart from God, and making choices apart from God.

    The nonChristian world may unconsciously or consciously do things in cooperation with God. But inasmuch as they do not accept the atonement of Christ they do not completely give up their carnal life, and so mix sin in with their righteousness. This spoils their righteousness, and proves them to be children of the world, and not children of God.

    To be children of God is to embrace God as our father all the time. It is to accept the atonement as a statement that *all* of our independence is wrong, and that everything we do should be for the glory of God.

    Often we feel that we are stripped of our leaves and our fruit, or suffer degradations and illnesses as if we are under a curse. We should be slow to judge even ourselves, along with everyone else, because spirituality is not always self-evident.

    Sanctification is a matter of keeping our conscience clear before God, whether or not others condemn us. Self-analysis can sometimes lead to self-condemnation, which is not always justified.

    Sanctification is not always "felt." It is right living. The reward of spiritual blessing may follow sometime later. But it will come!

    Sometimes we do make mistakes, or do things in less than a perfect way. We have to, on these occasions, face the music nobly, take our punishment, and move on. We shouldn't think God loves us any less, or wishes to leave us, excessively, in the misery of condemnation. We need to keep moving forward in faith.

    Perhaps you wish to give a more brief explanation of Sanctification to you? I'd love to hear it!