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My Daily BIble Study - Philippians

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  • My Daily BIble Study - Philippians

    The main message of this letter to Christians is that only between those 'in Christ' are real Unity and Joy possible.

    Philippians 1

    What did I learn of God?
    - He always completes what He starts. He knows what is in the heart of each of us. He fills with His Righteousness all who come to Him through faith in Jesus Christ. He may allow His people difficulties and suffering to make the Gospel more widely known. Christ is magnified through His true disciples. He offers Salvation through Christ.

    What did I learn of myself? - Do I thank God for friends each time I think of them? Am I 'in Christ' through repentance and faith in His sacrifice in my place? Do I experience His Peace? if not, why not? Do I pray for those known to me? Am I confident of my place 'in Christ'? Do I trust God to enable me to complete the Work He has for me? Am I a partaker of God's Grace? God knows all I think, say and do. Do I trust God to Work through each difficulty He allows in my life? Are other people more confident of God's Power because of my difficulties? Do I speak of Christ from selfish ambition? envy? strife? goodwill? or love? Do I rejoice when anyone, of any denomination or none, preaches Christ? Is Glorifying Jesus Christ more important to me than my earthly life? Is my conduct always worthy of an ambassador of Christ? Do I stand fast in God's Spirit and Word? or do I allow 'watered down' Truth to permeate my mind? Do I fear adversaries more than I trust God? I may have to suffer because I trust in Christ.

    What did I praise God for? - His Presence with me always.

    What did I pray for? - His Strength to persevere to the end.

    What is this saying in one sentence? - Paul's delight that Christ is preached, and encouragement to his readers to persevere in spite of difficulties.

    Quote:- (Lawrence O. Richards)
    "Let's learn to interpret circumstantial evidence as Paul did, taking into account the fact that God works all things together for good for those who love the Lord. What looks like tragedy may lead to one of history's greatest spiritual triumphs. What looks like defeat may be turning into victory. What looks like suffering may be the harbinger of joy."

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    Philippians 2

    What did I learn of God? - There is Love and Encouragement, Mercy and Fellowship of the Spirit for those 'in Christ'. He humbled Himself to be our Saviour. Jesus Christ is Lord, to the Glory of God the Father. He works in, and through, those submitted to Him. His Healing is an expression of His Mercy.

    What did I learn of myself? - Is my mind submitted to Christ? The fellowship I enjoy with other Christians is through the Holy Spirit. Do I act through selfish ambition or conceit? Do I consider others more deserving of God's Mercy than myself? Am I concerned for other folk's best interests? Do I humble myself? or consider some things beneath my dignity? Am I always obedient to God? Do I confess Jesus Christ my Lord? Does every area of my life glorify God? Am I continuing to work out my Salvation day to day? or did I assume one act of commitment to Christ sufficient for the rest of my life? Do I allow God to Work in, and through me in ways that please Him? I must not grumble or argue if I am to ever be without fault among crooked and perverse people; and if I am to reveal the Way to Jesus Christ. Is my church leader sincerely concerned regarding my spiritual state? Am I concerned with helping others to perform their God-appointed tasks? Do I serve God by serving others?

    What did I praise God for? - those who serve God by helping me.

    What did I pray for? - that I will be aware of every area of my life that does not Glorify Him.

    What is this saying in one sentence? - A reminder that Christians are to be Lights in the darkness, Timothy was commended and Epaphroditus praised.

    Quote:- (Isaak of Syria) "Humility is the garment of the Deity. The incarnate Word was clothed in it, and through it conversed with us in our bodies, covering the radiance of His Greatness and His Glory by this humility, lest the creature be scorched by the sight of Him."


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      Philippians 3

      What did I learn of God? - He is Righteous. The knowledge of Him and His Salvation is more valuable than anything else. He will bring everything in Heaven and Earth under His control one day.

      What did I learn of myself? - Do I trust God completely? Have I abandoned confidence in my own ability? Do I allow myself too be led astray from the teaching of God's Word? Do I worship God in the Spirit? Is my confidence in Christ or the ceremonies I've been through? Do I hang onto an un-Godly lifestyle? or regard it all as rubbish to be thrown away before I can gain Christ? Do I consider myself good enough to be accepted by God? or realise only faith in Christ obtains the Righteousness of God? Do I keep doing my best to become the person, and do the things, the Lord wants of me? Do I experience the Power of Christ's resurrection now? Do I forget my past Sins? Do I keep trying to become more like Christ? or do I allow myself to slip back into ways that allienate me from Him? Am I an enemy of Christ because of the way others view me? Will my end be destruction, in-spite of deciding to serve Christ, because of my unGodliness? Is my stomach my god? Do I eagerly wait for Christ's return? Will I be faithful to Jesus Christ until the end of my life on earth and obtain my resurrection body?

      What did I praise God for? - that one day He will take control of all things.

      What did I pray for? - greater determination to trust Him in all things.

      What is this saying in one sentence? - Living for Christ to the end.

      Quote:- (Charles H. Robinson)
      "This Christ life is simply turning the little shop of life, so woefully complexing, over to another. Christ becomes owner, manager, overseer; His is the responsibility and upkeep. Your part is to be a faithful clerk, steward of the Grace of God. You are to trust the management to Him and obey orders; take off the shelves anything displeasing, add anything He commends. But he is also our elder brother and His Love takes out all the worry and tension. And, one day, if you have been faithful over a few things, He will give you a Heavenly shop in the city of the King."


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        Philippians 4

        What did I learn of God? - He is at hand. His Peace mediates between good and evil, and between good and the best for His people. He is with His obedient people and supplies all their needs through Christ Jesus. Glory will always be His.

        What did I learn of myself? - Am I always true to the Lord? Do I argue with other believers due to my pride? Do I always rejoice in difficult circumstances because Jesus is my Lord? Am I always as gracious and forebearing as I would be if the physical Jesus was at my shoulder? Am I anxious about things over which I have no control, or do I hand each situation over to the Lord and refuse to take it back? I will always experience the Peace of God when my thoughts and actions please Him. Do I only allow my thoughts to dwell on what is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent and praiseworthy? God is with me while I do His Will? Am I content whatever situation I am in - prosperity or lack of it? I can do every good thing by the Strength Christ gives me. Do I share in evangelism by my financial support of those 'up front'? God will supply all my needs through Christ Jesus. Do I experience God's Grace. Do I put into practice myself what I teach others?

        What did I praise God for? - His Grace and Peace.

        What did I pray for? - to correct me when my thoughts or actions don't please Him.

        What is this saying in one sentence?
        - teaching re. arguments, anxiety, the Peace of God, and His available Strength and Supply.

        Quote:- (Oswald Chambers) "There is only one golden rule for spiritual discernment, and that is obedience. We learn more by 5 minutes obedience than by 10 years study."

        (Lawrence O. Richards) "Truth we don't practice is about as useful as a tyre without air. We won't get far on either! So let's remember as we try to put together the ingredients God gives us for a truly Christian life, that we have to follow His recipe for a truly Christian life, that we have to follow His recipe carefully. We have to see, hear and then do, then, and only then, will we experience . . . the joy of knowing that 'the God of Peace' is with us."