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My Daily Bible Study - Colossians

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  • My Daily Bible Study - Colossians

    Colossians 1

    What did I learn of God? - He is full of Grace and leads people into His Truth and the Knowledge of His Will with wisdom and spiritual understanding. Those who fully please Him increase their knowledge of Him and are involved in work that bears Fruit for Him, making use of the Strength He offers. Those who trust Jesus Christ's death and resurrection, in their place, He delivers from the power of darkness, and allows them into His Kingdom. Jesus Christ, who has Created all things in Heaven and Earth, was born into this world to reconcile all things to Himself through the Blood of His cross. Christ is the hope of glory for gentiles too. He is the visible likeness of the invisible God. He is Head of His Church.

    What did I learn of myself? - Do I regularly thank God for those I have led to Christ and all they, in turn, have led to Him? Do I ask God to give me complete knowledge of His Will, Spiritual wisdom and understanding? Does my life always honour and please the Lord and produce good Fruit for His Kingdom? Does my knowledge of God keep increasing? if not, why not? Do I receive all the endurance and patience God has made available for me? Do I experience the Joy of my Salvation as I go through the trials of life, knowing that i have been rescued from the power of darkness? Un-Godly thoughts and actions separate me from the Lord. Through Jesus Christ I am holy and blameless before God. I have the responsibility to proclaim the Good News of the Glory of Christ; do I do and say all He leads me to?

    What did I praise God for? - Including the gentiles in His offer of Salvation.

    What did I pray for? - to produce the crop of Fruit for His Kingdom He requires from me.

    What is this saying in one sentence?
    - Faith in Christ, His preeminence, Peace through Him and sacrificial service.

    Quote:- (Rick Mylander) "Jesus is not to us as Christmas is to the world, here today and gone tomorrow."

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    One of my favorite books of the Bible dear lady.

    1st John 3:14 We know that we have passed from death unto life, because we love the brethren. He that loveth not his brother abideth in death.


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      Colossians 2

      What did I learn of God? - Christ does not force His way into anyone's life, He must be asked to come and be willingly accepted. In Christ is the fullness of Christ in human body. Those who come to Him are spiritually circumcised, when He cuts away their Sinful nature. Those who trust God's Mighty Power are raised to New Life with Christ, their Sins forgiven. He has disarmed principalities and powers, and is the Head of His Body, the Church.

      What did I learn of myself? - Do I have complete confidence in
      God for all things? Do I allow myself to be deceived instead of adhering to God's Word and faith in Christ? Am I captivated by philosophy and traditional deceit? and so persuaded away from Christ? If I have faith in Christ I have everything I need; He has removed my Sinful nature so I am no longer obliged to Sin - but am unfortunately not released from the ability to commit Sin. Do I enjoy my life with Christ? I am released from religious laws, only being obliged to keep Christ's Law of genuine Love.

      What did I praise God for? - Freedom in Christ.

      What did I pray for? - to love others as Christ loves me.

      What is this saying in one sentence? - Not philosophy or legalism but Christ.

      Quote:- (R.A.Torrey) "If you make a great deal of Christ, He will make a great deal of you, but if you make but little of Christ, Christ will make but little of you."


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        Colossians 3

        What did I learn of God?
        - Christ is sitting at God's right hand. Christ is in God. Fornication, passion, uncleanness, evil desire and idolatry cause His Wrath. His offer of Salvation is to all people equally. He expects His people to demonstrate tender mercy, kindness, humility, meekness, longsuffering, forgiveness and love. He will give the 'reward of the inheritance', but those who do wrong will be repaid for their misdemeanors.

        What did I learn of myself? - Do I fill my mind with the realities of heaven or earth? Am I really 'dead' to earthly joys and pains? My real Life is with Christ in God. When Christ reappears I will be with Him in Glory. I must have nothing to do with anger, wrath, malice, blasphemy or filthy language. Do I ever tell lies? Am I merciful? Am I tender? Am I kind? Am I humble? Am I instantly obedient to my Lord God? Am I longsuffering? Do I forgive others in the same way that Christ has forgiven me? Do I really love others? Do I let God's Peace rule my actions? Do I concentrate on things I am thankful for? Do I meditate on God's Word? Do I sing the Lord's praises? Do I realise I am representing Jesus Christ in all I do and say? Am I grateful to God for Jesus' Sacrifice? Do I submit to those in authority over me? Do I do my best to encourage those I have authority over? Am I really serving Jesus Christ?

        What did I praise God for? - Jesus Christ and His Sacrifice for me.

        What did I pray for? - that I never bring discredit to His Name.

        What is this saying in one sentence? - Christian character as opposed to carnality.

        Quote::- (Harold H. Kohn) "The person who has the abundance of life Christ came to bring us can spend virtue lavishly because his resources are plentiful. He can care for people unreservedly. . . . because his resources of care are attached to the limitless resources of God's care. He can afford to be slighted, shunned, hurt, because he has enough forgiveness in his heart for any crisis that comes his way. He can squander love upon the undeserving and the unresponsive because he knows there will always be more love where the last love came from."


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          Colossians 4

          What did I learn of God? - He is my Master in Heaven. Christ's plan of Salvation is a mystery. He chooses those who will minister for Him.

          What did I learn of myself? - Do I love Jesus Christ? Do I let His Love fill my life? Do I give those who work for me what is just and fair? Do I devote myself to earnest prayer with thanksgiving? Do I pray for doors to be opened to the Gospel? Do I pray for the release of persecuted Christians? Am I wise regarding relationships with unbelievers? Do I make the most of every opportunity to speak of the Lord and the Salvation He offers? Is what I say pointed but gracious? Do I ask the Lord for wisdom to know what to say to each person? Do I trust others to do what I cannot, and encourage them to fulfill their God-given roles? Do I make every effort to fulfill the ministry the Lord has given me? Does ‘the world’ see Christ through my life?

          What did I praise God for? - All His servants keen to fulfill His Will.

          What did I pray for? - .to be more vigilant in prayer.

          What is this saying in one sentence? - encouragement to pray and recognise other Christian workers.


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            Your Bible study/devotion, blessed my heart. God bless