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My Daily Bible Study - Deuteronomy

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  • My Daily Bible Study - Deuteronomy

    from the Foreword in my Bible - 'Deuteronomy consists of a series of farewell messages by Israel's 120 year old leader . . . Moses reminds the new generation of the importance of obedience if they are to learn from the sad example of their parents.

    Deuteronomy 1

    What did I learn of God? - He had told His people to go and possess the land He Promised to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and their descendants. He always keeps His Promises. He gives His obedient people Victory when they completely follow His directions. Those who distrust Him suffer the consequences. He Blesses those who trust Him completely and follow His directions in every detail, at the time He has chosen.

    What did I learn of myself? - Do I tell others what the Lord has said and done? Do I acknowledge what is beyond my ability? Do I ask for the help I need? Am I perfectly fair in all my decisions? Do I make impartial judgments? Do I fear angering God or people the most? Do I let other people's opinion turn me away from obedience to God? Do I wholly follow the Lord? Do I regard His Instructions for 'anytime' or realise His Timing is crucial? My disobedience to God brings His Discipline and makes me vulnerable to disaster. Praying against His Discipline is pointless, as is deciding to obey too late.

    What did I praise God for? - His Wisdom.

    What did I pray for? - encouragement to obey Him instantly.

    What is this saying in one sentence? - Moses reminds the Israelites of God's previous Command to enter the Promised Land, and their parentís generation's refusal.

    Quote:- (Lawrence O. Richards) "God is committed to bring us to the place of Blessing. But the length of time it takes you and me to arrive still depends on our willingness to obey."

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    Deuteronomy 2

    What did I learn of God? - what He gives He will not allow anyone to take away. What He gives may have to be fought for before it is possessed.

    What did I learn of myself? - I will gain nothing worthwhile that the Lord has not given me; what He has given He will allow no one to take away, but I may have to go through difficult situations before I am in possession of all God has Promised (eg. Salvation). Have I always obeyed the Lord? I face unnecessary difficulties when I do not obey the Lord. Do I trust the Lord completely?

    What did I praise God for? - His Guidance and Faithfulness despite my rebellion against Him.

    What did I pray for? - to have reminders if I am not instantly obedient to Him.

    What is this saying in one sentence? - Moses recounting the years in the desert and defeating King Sihon and his people.


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      Deuteronomy 3

      What did I learn of God? - What He instigates will happen. He fights on behalf of those who follow, and obey, Him. He does Great and Mighty deeds. He carries out the punishment for disobedience He has stated -- even decades later. Prayer from the faithful may enable a slight relaxation of the sentence passed. eg He did not allow Moses to go into the Promised Land, but He did allow him to see it from a distance.

      What did I learn of myself? - When I obey the Lord I do not need to fear the outcome. I must not rest and relax while others do not experience Peace, but I must fight with and for them - either physically and/ or in prayer as the Lord directs. The Lord God fights for me. I will have to bear the consequences of my disobedience to God - even if His Sentence was passed 40 years before and there were 'mitigating circumstances'. (not even a Godly leader like Moses was immune to discipline from God.)

      What did I praise God for? - that He can always be relied on; and that Jesus Christ has taken the punishment for my repented Sin.

      What did I pray for? - Those who don't yet know Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord so must bear their own consequences.

      What is this saying in one sentence? - the Israelites conquered King Og and the land east of the Jordan was given to the descendants of Reuben, God and half the descendants of Manasseh; also Moses was forbidden to go over the Jordan.

      Quote:- (Lawrence O. Richards) " The sight from this height (Mt. Pisgah) is impressive. Rising from the fertile plain is a series of hills that gradually flow into an impressive range of mountains. the rich colours and shades reflect the complexity . . . . with it's wide range of climates and soils which make the land capable of growing every kind of crop."


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        Deuteronomy 4

        What did I learn of God? - He Protects those who obey His decrees and regulations. He is close to His people and hears when they call to Him. He has spoken, and speaks, to His people. He is Alive and Active. He is a Consuming Fire. He desires the best for His people. He scattered His disobedient people throughout the nations to encourage them to seek Him. He is always found by those who seek Him intending to obey Him. He is Merciful. He will not forsake His obedient people. He Created mankind. He used plagues in Egypt to Save His people and demonstrate His Power to them. He is unique.

        What did I learn of myself? - Am I sufficiently wise and understanding to obey the Lord God? Do I remember all the times God has spoken to me in the past? Have I diligently obeyed Him? Do I idolise anyone or anything? Could I be denied my heart's desire because of my past disobedience to God? God will not forsake me. Do I seek Him and His Wisdom? Do I recognise His Voice and obey Him? Do I know that the Lord Himself is God, and there is no other? Do I learn from the past as well as looking to the future? Does looking back to what Jesus Christ has done for me motivate me to serve Him?

        What did I praise God for? - that He is always with me and will never forsake me.

        What did I pray for? - to always hear, and heed, His still, small Voice.

        What is this saying in one sentence? - Moses encouraged the Israelites to be obedient to God, to have nothing to do with idolatry and designated three cities of refuge east of Jordan.

        Quote:- (Charles Colson) "God calls us, not to success, but to faith - obedience, and trust and service - and He bids us to be unconcerned with measuring the merits of our work the way the world does. We are to sow; He will reap as He pleases."


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          Deuteronomy 5

          What did I learn of God? - He made a Covenant with His people at Horeb/Mt. Sinai. He Saved them from slavery. He Commands His people to have no other gods and not misuse His Name. His people must dedicate one day each week to the Lord, must honour their parents, must not murder, commit adultery, steal, give false witness, or covet anyone else's possessions. He still speaks to His people.

          What did I learn of myself? - Do I worship any other gods? (eg. make wealth, pleasure, power, love, good works etc my idols.), Do I regard anyone or anything more highly than Almighty God? Do I apply His Word to my daily life? Do I use God's Name lightly? Do I keep one day each week to rest, relax, and consider the Lord God and the Salvation He offers? or do I allow 'ordinary' things (eg shopping) to encroach on that day? Do I honour my parents? Have I ever gossiped about anyone and murdered their reputation? Have I ever committed adultery in thought or deed? Have I ever taken anything that doesn't belong to me (eg. re-used an unfranked stamp, used a phone or the internet while at work without permission, made a job I am being paid for take linger than absolutely necessary etc)? Have I ever said anything not 100% true? Have I ever coveted anything belonging to another person? Do I seek the Lord myself or wait for others to tell me what He has said? Do I ask for, and expect, Him to give revelation through His Word each day? or think that all applicable to me will come from the preacher on Sunday? Do I always obey God? Could I have a closer relationship with Him if I worked at it?

          What did I praise God for? - His Commandments.

          What did I pray for?
          - that I spend Sundays in ways that please Him.

          What is this saying in one sentence? - review of the 10 Commandments

          Quote:- (Lawrence O. Richards) "Unbelievers as well as believers are better off living a morally good life. But God is actively involved in the life of believers. Because God cares so much about us, you and I are more likely to feel the immediate effect of our Sins."


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            Deuteronomy 6

            What did I learn of God? - He requires His people to respect/fear Him. His Commandments must be obeyed. He, alone, is God. He requires devotion from His people. He knows people are more likely to turn to Him in their need than when they enjoy good health and prosperity. He is Angry when His people serve other gods. He Blesses those who do His Will from habitual devotion. He has done many signs and wonders in the past. He requires obedience.

            What did I learn of myself? - Do I keep God's Commandments? Do I love Him with all my heart, soul, and strength? Do I teach others, particularly my family, of God and his Ways? Do I put reminders of God in strategic places? Do I continually remember that every Blessing I enjoy comes from the Lord? Do I respect/fear God sufficiently? Do I give anyone or anything the devotion that rightfully belongs to God? Could my righteousness and goodness be improved? In what way does my behaviour need to improve? Do I remember all the Lord's Goodness to me and my ancestors? Do I fully realise He is able to discipline as well as Bless? Is God 'real' to me? Do I faithfully follow Him? Do I deeply love, honour and serve the Lord God?

            What did I praise God for? - His Love and Mercy.

            What did I pray for? - His Help to do His Will.

            What is this saying in one sentence? - The Lord our God is One; you shall love Him with all your heart, soul and strength - and you will disregard Him at your peril.

            Quote (Lewis Goldberg) " to often Christians regard the Law as a set of legalisms . . . on the other hand (they) then proclaim the New Covenant describes how God works in Grace to Redeem His people and showers Love on them . . . Deuteronomy describes how God Blessed Israel and showered His Love on them because of His Grace and Mercy. What the Lord expected from Israel in return was an outpouring of Love . . . a remnant in every generation deeply loved, honoured and served the Lord their God."


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              Deuteronomy 7

              What did I learn of God? - He gives His people the strength, wisdom and ability to conquer Evil. He requires His people to have no alliance with those who worship other gods, but to destroy the images they worship. His choices are based on His Love. He is the Lord. He is Merciful. He is Faithful and will Bless those who obey Him. He will punish those who hold Him in contempt. He works miracles, He is great and Awesome. He drives enemies away from His people, as they grow and are able to fill the space left in ways that please Him. He gives His people the Power to defeat their enemies as long as they completely destroy their gods. He will not protect the homes of those who have any object of un-Godly worship in them.

              What did I learn of myself? - The Lord defeats all the enemies He directs me to fight against when I am totally submitted to Him. Does my lifestyle please the Lord, or have I allowed un-Godly elements into it? Is every area of my life ruled by the Lord who chose me, made me His special treasure, Loves me and has Redeemed me? Do I love Him enough to obey Him? The Lord has, and will, Bless me. Do I worship other gods? Does God regard 'retail therapy' or competitive sport on Sunday as 'worshipping other gods'? Do I neglect to tell others of the Redemption Jesus Christ offers because I fear loosing their regard? when so tempted I must remember the differences in my life before, and after, making Jesus Christ Lord of my life. Have I destroyed everything in my home that has been dedicated to any other god? Do I work with the Lord to rid my life of those who worship other gods?

              What did I praise God for? - His Guidance.

              What did I pray for? - Wisdom to know if anything in my home, or any relationship, displeases Him.

              What is this saying in one sentence? - the Lord will Bless His obedient, chosen, people.

              Quote:- (Lawrence O. Richards) "Any concept of God that fails to take His commitment to punish Sin into account is essentially un-Scriptural.


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                Deuteronomy 8

                What did I learn of God? - When He leads His people through spiritual deserts it is to humble them and test them. He wants His people to realise that spiritual nourishment is as important as physical food. He chastens to encourage future obedience to Him. Every good thing is a Gift from the Lord. He makes everything necessary available. He gives power to obtain physical and spiritual wealth. He requires His people to be obedient to Him.

                What did I learn of myself? - Do I remember the way the Lord has led me through my life's pitfalls? Am I following Him closely now? Do I intend to keep His Commandments in spite of any desire I may have to the contrary? God, my Father in Heaven, will humble me in some way if I disobey Him, as a good earthly father does. Do I respect God and His Will? Do I regularly bless the Lord for all the good things He has given me? If I forget/ignore the Lord God I will perish. Do I depend on the Lord to lead me throughout my life?

                What did I praise God for? - leading me through the minefields of life.

                What did I pray for? - to be fully aware which way to go at each of the crossroads in my life.

                What is this saying in one sentence? - It is important for my welfare to worship the Lord God with all my being.

                Quote:- (1Corinthians 4:7) "What do you have that God hasn't given you? And if everything you have is from God why boast as if it were not a Gift?"


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                  Deuteronomy 9

                  What did I learn of God? - When His people are obeying Him He goes before them as a 'consuming fire', to destroy those who are 'wicked idol worshippers' - not because of His people's righteousness, but because of His Covenant Promises and the un-Godliness of those they battle against. He is severely provoked by those who replace Him in their lives with idols. He regards not believing His word as rebellion against Him. He heeds prayers that come from His people's hearts and are for His Glory.

                  What did I learn of myself? - Have I ever been disobedient to the Lord because of fear of failure or pain? When I act on the Lord's directions and see His Promises fulfilled, it is not because of my righteousness but because of His Love and Faithfulness. God will drive un-Godliness away if His people are obedient to Him. Do I remember, with gratitude, the times God has Forgiven my unfaithfulness to Him? Others have prayed for me when I have rebelled against the Lord - do I stand in the gap for those in need of prayer today?

                  What did I praise God for? - His Power and willingness to forgive those who Sin against Him.

                  What did I pray for? - to always be aware if I am about to displease the Lord, and the willingness to repent.

                  What is this saying in one sentence? - Moses reminded the Israelites of past rebellion against God.

                  Quote:- (John 1:9 to 2:2) " If we confess our Sins He is Faithful and Just to Forgive us our Sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. If we say we have not Sinned we make Him a liar and His Word is not in us. . . . . and if anyone Sins, we have an Advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the Righteous and He is the propitiation for our Sins, and not for ours only but also for the whole world."


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                    Deuteronomy 10

                    What did I learn of God? -He is Gracious and Forgiving. He maybe willing to repeat His Instructions. HE chooses who will minister to Him. He heeded Moses prayer for the people when he was alone with Him. He requires His people to fear/respect Him, to do His will, to love Him, to serve Him with all their heart and soul and keep His Commandments. Heaven and Earth and all in it belongs to Him. He chose Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and their descendants to be His. He desires His people's unreserved devotion. He is God of gods and Lord of lords. He is Mighty and Awesome. He shows no partiality to anyone. He is Just in all He does.

                    What did I learn of myself? - He may (or may not) repeat His Instructions to me. Do I ensure His Instructions are kept safe? Do I look back on my journeys with the Lord? Do I recall the difficulties and pleasures? Do I learn from the difficult times? Has the Lord given me responsibilities? Do I fulfill them all? The Lord is my Inheritance. Do I spend time alone with Him? Do I plead with Him on behalf of those who have gone astray? Do I always obey the Lord? Does my behaviour encourage others to obey the Lord? Do I love and serve Him? Am I faithful to Him in every way having 'circumsized my heart'?

                    What did I praise God for? - being God of gods and Lord of lords.

                    What did I pray for? - help to always heed and obey Him.

                    What is this saying in one sentence? - Moses reminded the Israelites of the second tablets of stone and the box(Ark) to put them in.


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                      Deuteronomy 11

                      What did I learn of God? - He Disciplines His people. He is Great and Powerful. He performs miraculous signs and wonders. He drowned the Egyptian armies in the sea. He cares for His people Provides all they need and requires obedience from them. He controls the weather. He is Angry with those who serve other gods. Love for Him is demonstrated by obedience to Him. He will fight for His people. He has given the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob the land between the Euphrates river in the East and the Mediterranean sea in the West, and between Lebanon in the North and the wilderness in the South. He will Bless those who obey Him and Curse those who do not obey His Commandments but serve other gods. He is faithful and Consistent in His dealings with His people.

                      What did I learn of myself? - Do I love God enough to obey all His requirements, decrees, regulations and commands? Do I use the Strength He offers to do His Will? God Provides all I need. Do I heed His Word? Do I keep His Word at the forefront of my thoughts? Do I speak of Him to others? If I am true to the Lord and His Word those who 'water it down' will fear and dread my presence (and may tell lies about me). Do I obey the Lord and experience His Blessings? or disobey Him and open myself to His Curse?

                      What did I praise God for? - His Blessings.

                      What did I pray for? - that my memory of His word will not diminish.

                      What is this saying in one sentence? - God rewards His people's love which is demonstrated by their obedience to Him.


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                        Deuteronomy 12

                        What did I learn of God?
                        - He has given Israel land between specific boundaries - between the Euphrates river and the Mediterranean sea, and between Lebanon and the southern wilderness. He disposed the nations originally living there because of their idol worship. He chose where He would be worshipped. His people must not eat blood. He has Provided every good thing that people have. He Blesses those obedient to Him. He won't accept 'worship' directed to idols.

                        What did I learn of myself? - Have I spiritually cleansed my home? Do I ensure no false gods are worshipped within it's boundaries? Do I worship the Lord God with His people? Do I do whatever I fancy, disregarding God and His Word? or do I ensure my obedience to Him? Do I thank God for each thing I eat? Do I support those who Minister in His Name? Do I ensure that nothing I eat has blood in it? Have I, unknowingly, been drawn into worshipping false gods? Do I worship God in any ways that could be regarded as idols and are objectionable to Him? Am I careful not to add to, or take away from, the Lord's Word?

                        What did I praise God for? - He never changes.

                        What did I pray for? - to realise if anything in my home is, or has been, an object of anyone's worship - so I can dispose of it.

                        What is this saying in one sentence? - Worship

                        Quote:- (Lawrence O. Richards) " Emphasis on a single worship centre reflects a common Old testament theme. . . . Later the Temple followed the plan. There was only one altar of sacrifice, one High Priest, one mercy seat. . . . The truth these things symbolised was expressed by Jesus, who told His disciples "I am the Way, the truth and the Life, no one comes to the Father except through Me"(John 14:6) It maybe popular . . . to say 'there are many roads to God' but it is not Biblical."


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                          Deuteronomy 13

                          What did I learn of God? - He tests His people in various ways to determine their allegiance to Him. He Redeems His people from slavery. He is Merciful and Compassionate to those who repent and obey Him.

                          What did I learn of myself? - Does Almighty God, or someone or something else, have first place in my life? Do I love Him with all my heart and soul? Do I follow Him and keep His Commandments? Do I know Him well enough to recognise slight deviations from His Word? Have I been enticed away from Him? Have I the responsibility to ensure none of my relations deviates, or encourages others to deviate, from the Truth of God's Word? God is Merciful to me and Compassionate, do I appreciate these Blessings or take them for granted? How do I respond to Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, Moonies or some other cult?

                          What did I praise God for? - His Mercy and Compassion.

                          What did I pray for? - thanksgiving for Jesus Christ.

                          What is this saying in one sentence? - the punishment due to those who lead others from the Lord.


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                            Deuteronomy 14

                            What did I learn of God? - His people must not mourn the dead as pagans do. He has chosen His people, they are His children. He is very specific regarding what meat they may, and may not, eat. He requires 1/10th of each persons income for His Work and their enjoyment at home and elsewhere.

                            What did I learn of myself? - I have been chosen to know God and His Ways - which also gives me the responsibility of obedience to Him. Is what I eat and do with my income also an act of worship, showing my reverence for God? Do I eat animals that do not have both cloven hooves and also chew the cud? Do I eat any birds that eat meat or fish? Do I boil young goats in their mother's milk? Do I give one tenth of my income to God to ensure His Blessing? and one tenth used for His Work at home and one fifth elsewhere? How do I show my reverence for God throughout each week? Is what I do with my income, and eat, also an act of worship?

                            What did I praise God for? - that He wants His people to enjoy the benefits of giving to Him.

                            What did I pray for? - to know what He wants me to give, and to which area of His Work.

                            What is this saying in one sentence? - Unacceptable mourning: what is, and what is not, acceptable meat to eat, and the principles of tithing.


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                              Deuteronomy 15

                              What did I learn of God? - He Blesses those who obey Him. He gave the descendants of His people Israel (Jacob) land - in return He wants His people to ensure no one, even distantly related to them, is in need; and that they shall renounce all claim to what has not been repaid every 7th year. He has Redeemed His people. He keeps His Promises.

                              What did I learn of myself? - If something I have lent (either goods or money) has not been repaid after a designated 7 years do I consider it given? Am I careful to obey God? Am I generous to the poor? Do I remember I used to be in slavery to Sin until the Lord released me? Do I do all I can to enable the Redemption of others too? Could the depth of my relationship with God be shown in the way I treat others?

                              What did I praise God for? - His encouragement to share.

                              What did I pray for? - Wisdom regarding lending and giving.

                              What is this saying in one sentence? - Debts must be cancelled every seven years, generosity to those in need and concerning slaves and firstborn animals.