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  • My Daily Bible Study - Peter

    from the Foreword of my NKJV:- “ Persecution can cause either growth of bitterness. Response determines the result . . Both character and conduct must be above reproach . . . they are to imitate the Holy One who has Called them; the Fruit of that character will be conduct rooted in submission . . .Only after submission is fully understood dies Peter deal with the difficult area of suffering . . to rejoice as partakers of the suffering of Christ . . .is truly the climax of one’s submission to the good Hand of God.”

    1 Peter 1

    What did I learn of God? – He Calls folk in all sorts of places and situations wanting them to, willingly, serve Him. He separates them for Himself if they obey Him. He cleanses them by the Blood Jesus Christ shed, and they are Born Again by His Mercy. He raised Jesus Christ from the dead. He gives those who fulfil His conditions an imperishable inheritance. He tests the genuineness of His people with difficult circumstances. The Holy Spirit told prophets of old of the suffering of Christ. He requires His people to be recognisable from all others. He Redeems His people with the precious Blood of Christ. His Word endures for ever. He Judges according to what folk do.

    What did I learn of Myself? – Did I heed God’s Call? Have I allowed His Spirit to separate me from others to serve God? or am I determined to be of ‘the world’? Do I believe God raised Jesus Christ from death to Life? and that He is Alive today? Have I accepted God’s offer of Salvation? if so I have an inheritance in Heaven. If I am trusting Jesus Christ for Salvation the Power of God will protect me until I receive it on the last day. The genuineness of my faith will be tested with difficult, and easy, circumstances. Do I love Jesus Christ? Do I exercise self-control as I wait for Jesus Christ to come again? Am I obedient to God in all things? or am I more concerned with pleasing myself? Am I in reverent fear of God and His Judgement of my life? Do I trust God and put my faith and hope in Him because He raised Christ from death? if so I am a ‘foreigner’ in this world. The life of Jesus Christ was the ransom paid for my life. Do I demonstrate sincere love for all other Christians knowing we will all be together in Eternity?

    What did I praise God for? – that Jesus Christ died in my place.

    What did I pray for? – the strength to always be faithful to Him.

    What does this say in one sentence? – Peter praised God for the Salvation of those suffering persecution and encouraged them to remember the cost of redemption and so live holy lives.

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    1 Peter 2

    What did I learn of God? – Jesus Christ is Gracious and the Living cornerstone of God’s Temple. He accepts spiritual sacrifices offered to Him through Jesus Christ. Those obedient to Him will not be disgraced but will be His holy nation. He Called each one of Christ’s followers from darkness to His marvellous Light, to proclaim His Goodness. He is Merciful. He will be Glorified by the ‘good works’ and honourable behaviour of Christians. He wants His people to respect all human authority and live honourable lives. Those who submit to Christ are God’s slaves – whether socially speaking they are slaves or free. He expects His people to be patient when suffering because they trust Christ, who personally carried our Sins in His body on the Cross, so we could be dead to Sin and live for Righteousness.

    What did I learn of Myself? – Am I ever malicious? Hypocritical? Envious?or unkind? Do I desire to grow in knowledge of God’s Word? Do I experience the Grace of God? Is the Living Jesus Christ in control of my life? Do I allow the Lord to use me as He chooses? Do I thank God for the generation Jesus was born into, and who first proclaimed the Good News? Do I refuse to allow myself to desire anything that will draw me away from the Lord? Is my conduct always honourable? Does everything I do Glorify God? Do I obey all laws of the land I live in? Do I honour all people and respect God? Do I submit to those with authority over me – even when I suffer because of it? Am I patient? Jesus Christ paid my penalty for my Sin so I might live for Righteousness. I am Healed by the beatings Jesus Christ received in my place. Am I still like a sheep gone astray? or have I returned to the Guardian of my soul?

    What did I praise God for? – Healing of body, mind and spirit.

    What did I pray for? – that my life Glorifies God.

    What does this say in one sentence? – Submission to God, Government and Masters.


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      1 Peter 3

      What did I learn of God? – A gentle and quiet spirit in those who trust in Him is very precious to Him. He sees what the righteous do and heeds their prayers – but is against those who do evil. He may allow those who trust Him to suffer. Christ, in the flesh, in between being killed and being made Alive by the Holy Spirit, preached to those who took no notice of Noah’s preaching while he built the Ark. Since His Resurrection Jesus Christ has resumed His place in Heaven with angels, authorities, and powers obeying Him.

      What did I learn of Myself? – Des my conduct Glorify God? or does it hinder the effectiveness of my prayers? Do I make every effort to reach agreement with other Christians? do I revile them or bless them? Do I pursue peace? If I am made to suffer because I follow Christ I am blessed and must not be troubled by their threats but remember God is in control and respectfully proclaim the Good News paying close attention to His Spirit knowing it is better to suffer for doing good than from a Sin, and that He will bring some good from it.

      What did I praise God for? – Opportunities to tell others the Good News.

      What did I pray for?- to always speak of the Lord in ways that please Him.

      What does this say in one sentence? – wives submitting to husbands, husbands honouring their wives, all Christians caring for each other, and being willing to suffer for righteousness.

      Quote:- (Miles Coverdale) “O God, give us patience when the wicked hurt us . . . O Lord, grant us virtue and patience, power and strength that we may all take adversity with good will and with a gentle mind overcome it.”


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        1 Peter 4

        What did I learn of God? – Christ, in the flesh, suffered for mankind. He will Judge the living and the dead, requiring an account of all deeds. His Gospel gives all people the opportunity to live ‘in the spirit’. He is Glorified through Jesus Christ when the Gifts He gives are used. He is blasphemed. When His Spirit rests on a person they may be reviled by others. He begins Judgement of mankind by Judging His people. He is Faithful.

        What did I learn of Myself? – When Jesus Christ was on earth He suffered in my place, so I might live to do God’s Will. If the companions of my former, ungodly lifestyle slander me they will be Judged for it by God. Am I earnest and disciplined in prayer? Do I demonstrate deep love for others? Do I cheerfully share my home with others? Do I serve others, using Gifts God has given me? Do I allow God to speak through me? Do I help others? Does everything I do bring Glory to God through Christ? I must not be surprised when I have difficulties, they are a normal part of life. God’s Spirit rests on me so I should be happy when I am insulted because that is recognised. If I am ashamed of Christ I will be Judged for it. God will never fail me so I can trust my life to Him.

        What did I praise God for? – His Faithfulness to me.

        What did I pray for? – to be more earnest and disciplined in prayer.

        What does this say in one sentence? – living for God’s Glory in various ways


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          1 Peter 5

          What did I learn of God? – Jesus Christ’s suffering was witnessed by Peter. He entrusts congregations to leaders who are eager to care for them to serve God – not for what they will get out of it. He seeks people eager to serve Him to lead His people, not those who appear to want to serve Him but really want prestige, power, finance etc. He opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble. His Power is Mighty. He Calls mankind to share His eternal Glory by trusting in Jesus Christ. He cares about me. He will restore, support, strengthen, and put on a firm foundation, those who respond to Him. He has all Power.

          What did I learn of Myself? – Will I share in Christ’s Glory? Do I fulfil my Calling? not grudgingly but willingly, not for any gain but because I’m eager to serve God? Do I try to exercise control over others, or do I lead by example? Will I be faithful to God to the end of my life, and so receive a crown of glory and honour? Do I accept other’s authority over me? Do I humble myself under the Power of God? I have nothing to be anxious about as God cares for me. Am I alert? Am I aware of, and resist, the devil’s tactics? (knowing all Christians are attacked by him too) Do I trust God to restore, support and strengthen me, on firm foundations.

          What did I praise God for? – His Strength to resist the devil.

          What did I pray for? – to instantly recognise the devil’s temptations.

          What does this say in one sentence? –Christians must lead with humility, submit to God and resist the devil.


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            2 Peter – Fore word in my NKJV – “1st Peter deals with problems from the outside; 2nd Peter deals with problems from the inside . . . false teachers, peddling damaging doctrine . . . the Christian life demands diligence in persuing moral excellence, knowledge, self-control, perseverance, Godliness, brotherly kindness, and selfless love. By contrast, the false teachers are sensual, arrogant, greedy, and covetous. They scoff at the thought of future Judgement and live their lives as if the present would be the pattern for the future. Peter reminds them that although God may be long-suffering in sending Judgement, ultimately it will come. In view of that fact, believers should live lives of Godliness, blamelessness and steadfastness.”

            2 Peter 1

            What did I learn of God? – He is Righteous. He has all Power. He gives everything necessary to live a Godly life through Jesus Christ. He has given wonderful, precious Promises to share His Nature ie. Moral excellence, knowledge, brotherly affection, self-control, patient endurance and love. He offers entry into His everlasting Kingdom. He said of Jesus Christ “This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased.” True prophecy comes from the Holy Spirit.

            What did I learn of Myself? – Do I trust in Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection on my behalf? Am I making use of all the benefits He Promised, to enable me to become like Him? or am I indistinguishable from those who don’t know Him? Do I do all I can to enable my knowledge of the Lord to increase? Do I persevere when following Him is difficult? Does Christ’s Light shine through me? Am I always kind to everyone, demonstrating His Love in action? Do I constantly remind myself how much I owe Jesus Christ for cleansing me from my Sins? Do I fully realise that I must make every effort to prove I really am among those God has Called and chosen – or I may miss the entrance to His Kingdom after all. Do I remind others of those things? Do I believe what others ‘choose to imagine’ or what the first disciples knew of Christ? do I realise all Scripture (from Genesis 1-Rev. 22) came through men moved by the Holy Spirit, so has come directly from God?

            What did I praise God for? – His Word.

            What did I pray for? – to, daily, become more like Christ.

            What does this say in one sentence? – God has made everything we need to acquire the Divine nature available to us, so we must be diligent to apply it all to our lives; and trust His Word.

            Quote:- (Pricilla Jane Owens)
            “Will your anchor hold in the storms of life?
            When the clouds unfold their wings of strife?
            When the strong tides lift and the cables strain,
            Will your anchor drift or firm remain?

            We have an anchor that keeps the soul
            Steadfast and sure while the billows roll
            Fastened to the rock which cannot move,
            Grounded firm and deep in the Saviour’s Love!

            Will your anchor hold in the straights of fear,
            When the breakers roar and the reef is near?
            While the surges break and the wild winds blow,
            Shall the angry waves then your bark o’erflow?


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              2 Peter 2

              What did I learn of God? – He did not forgive the angels who Sinned but shut them up to await Judgement. Neither did He forgive the ancient world at the time of Noah, or Sodom and Gomorrah, as an example to Sinful mankind who follow their unrighteous desires, despise His Authority and scoff at supernatural beings. He Saves those who are faithful to Him and/or offers Salvation to those who are prayed for (whether they accept His offer may be another matter).

              What did I learn of Myself? – Do I know the Bible well enough to recognise false teachers and false prophets? Have I ever accepted what is ‘not quite’ in line with Scripture? if so, I risk perishing (like a hot water bottle that has perished is still there but is useless) Am I enslaved by any kind of Sin? Have I returned to the life I lived before I knew Jesus Christ as my Saviour? if so I am far worse off than I was before I knew Him.

              What did I praise God for? – Those who teach, and have taught, the Truth of Scripture.

              What did I pray for? – that I will always recognise and reject destructive doctrines.

              What does this say in one sentence? – Destructive doctrines, depravity, and doom of false teachers.

              Note:- False teachers who exploit believers face certain Judgement; are arrogant and immoral, teaching what appeals to mankind’s Sinful desires.

              Quote:- (Lawrence O. Richards) “Don’t listen to folks who tell you that since certain desires are ‘natural’ they must be right.. What most men do by instinct is wrong. As Christians, we’re Called to Judge our instincts, and to choose what is right. . . slavery to one’s own depravity is the most terrible slavery of all . . watch out if a teacher promises riches and ease. Jesus has never led His followers to Disneyland. The Jesus road winds off, over the hills, and there, ahead, you can glimpse Calvary.”


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                2 Peter 3

                What did I learn of God? – The world was Created, Flooded and is now Preserved by His Word and will one day be destroyed by fire by that same Word. He is outside ‘Time’, but operates within it. He is long-suffering with mankind but His Patience will have an end. He will Create a new Heaven and new earth filled with His Righteousness. He offers Grace and Knowledge to those who trust Him. He will always have greater Glory than any other.

                What did I learn of Myself?
                – Do I ever scoff at anything in God’s Word? Do I live to please myself instead of God? Do I assume (wrongly) that Christ will not really come again, and there will be no Judgement for me? Do I make every effort to live in purity and peace, blameless in God’s sight? He is Patient – giving everyone time to be Saved. Do I twist Paul’s letters, and other parts of Scripture, to mean something not intended by the writer? Do I take care not to be led away from the Lord? Am I growing in the Grace and Knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ?

                What did I praise God for? – His Patience.

                What did I pray for? – to always heed His Word to me and to be steadfast.

                What does this say in one sentence? – God’s Promise and Judgement are sure to come to pass, so we would be wise to live to please Him.