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    The first person to die in my State was a beloved Pastor travelling through who was 60+ from New Orleans back to his state of residence. We do not know the time and well, I guess, dying from a virus that so many others are dying from seems empty. It hurts me anytime someone dies in a hospital. I told God that I would never die in a hospital (by His Grace) while they are bleeding anything I have left for my family to give when I leave. I believe God heals and yes I believe we need medical professionals and wisdom as well.
    So anyway--- My State has 10.8 million people and around 800 have this virus so far out of 8600 testings.

    There are so many people on the earth now and well I just assume this is par for the course. Why no one would learn by now that eating or handling bats that carry viruses that do not effect them has not been made illegal is beyond me. And yes, that could all be a story how would I know? This is what I gleaned from scientific studies...stop eating and playing with bats? But people are it goes.

    God knows everything-- He knows what comes not sure I can pinpoint this on pestilence but it is a pestilence effecting the entire earth, so this is the first time in my lifetime this has happened and it is very surreal? We have technology now we did not have when the "plague" ripped through and still we are powerless to save so many with all of our knowledge...

    So what came to my mind was Psalm 18. I thought also, maybe that I would plead the blood of Christ upon those places on my heart as in the days of Egypt with the blood of The Lamb upon the door posts of those who would see death pass over. My faith is pretty weak right now but those things are what came to m mind. Old distance with family members is closer now, beginning before the virus came to the US and well, even though relations are slightly broken I am also glad to speak to God about what concerns me in addition to what was already there. I remember as a donkey (donkeys have good memory but are stubborn) very little of His past deliverance when I asked and expected and obtained (by very unlikely means) until revisited by a spark of faith. His ways are not mind, thank you God.

    Peace to you!

    It is because of Him that you are in Christ Jesus, who has become for us wisdom from God—that is, our righteousness, holiness and redemption.

    1 Corinthians 1:30


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      Italy death rate is slightly over 10% while China's is just 4% .
      I'm going with this pestilence being an End Times warning to the Whore of Babylon seated in the Vatican.