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Super Typhoon Mangkhut Heads For Philippines At 280KM/H

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  • Super Typhoon Mangkhut Heads For Philippines At 280KM/H

    Bigger, stronger and faster than Florence: Super typhoon Mangkhut heads for Philippines at 280km/h

    12:33pm Sep 14, 2018

    Countries across south-east Asia are issuing emergency alerts and thousands are being evacuated as two typhoons barrel down on the region.

    Around 12,000 people have been evacuated from low-lying parts of China's Guangdong province and shipping halted ahead of the arrival of Typhoon Barijat Thursday.

    But the real concern is Super Typhoon Mangkhut, which is still gathering strength as it nears the northern Philippines.

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    Re: Super Typhoon Mangkhut Heads For Philippines At 280KM/H

    Mangkhut is basically an EF4 tornado the size of a city, which is just insane...
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      Re: Super Typhoon Mangkhut Heads For Philippines At 280KM/H

      Largest typhoons to hit the Phillipeans (as far back as 1867)

      Haiphong - 1881
      Even in the modern days, Typhoon Haiphong which happened in October 8, 1881 still ranks as the deadliest typhoon that crossed the Philippines, killing over 20,000 people in the northern part of the country. It has three times the death toll of Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda). Haiphong also ravaged tDai Nam (now known as Vietnam), leaving more than a whopping 300,000 people dead. With its alarming number of deaths, Haiphong is regarded as the third deadliest tropical cyclone ever in the world.

      Haiyan (Yolanda) - 2013
      Considered as the deadliest Philippine typhoon of modern era, Super Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) claimed more than 6,300 lives in the Philippines, not to mention the deaths it caused to other parts of the Southeast Asian region. Over 1,061 people also went missing during the tragedy. Haiyan was also recorded as the most powerful storm at landfall that took place on November 8, 2013. As of January 2014, corpses were still being unearthed.

      Thelma (Uring) - 1991
      Tropical storm Thelma (Uring) started out as a tropical disturbance in north-northeast of Palau, but eventually escalated into a tropical storm in November 4, 1991 as it got near to the Philippines. Thelma reached its peak intensity as it approached the Visayas region, ending number of lives ranging from 5,081 to 8,165. About over 3,000 people were declared missing or presumed dead in Thelma’s devastating visit in the country.

      Bopha (Pablo) - 2012
      Typhoon Bopha (Pablo) was named as the strongest tropical cyclone that ever made a landfall in the southern parts of Mindanao. The typhoon was formed close to the equator with a minimum latitude of 7.4°N and arrived at land on December 3, 2012. By its landfall, the typhoon had ranked as Category 5 Super Typhoon. Number of casualties caused by Typhoon Bopha climbed to over 1,067 deaths, while about 834 people went missing until today.

      Angela Typhoon - 1867
      A tropical cyclone named Angela has struck the Philippines in 1867 and reportedly killed over 1,800 people. Though accounts about this typhoon were very limited, Angela is still considered as the 5th deadliest typhoon in Philippine history.

      Winnie - 2004
      Winnie was actually a tropical depression that hit the Philippines on November 27, 2004, but it unexpectedly possessed the disastrous power of a typhoon in terms of rainfall. As it approached the lands, the tropical depression reached its intensity peak with winds of 55 km/h (35 mph) and a barometric pressure of 1000 mbar (hPa; 29.53 inHg). Precipitating massive floods and landslides in the country, tropical depression Winnie left nearly 1,600 people dead and 751 others missing.

      October 1897 Typhoon
      Over a hundred years ago, Samar, Leyte faced a destructive typhoon that’s quite similar to the traumatic Typhoon Haiyan on October 7, 1987. The said typhoon had no meteorological name, but there were records and photographs about it--proving that Samar was no stranger to cataclysmic typhoons ever since. According to these accounts, the typhoon wiped out over 1,500 individuals at the time.

      Ike (Nitang) - 1984
      On August 31, 1984, typhoon Ike (Nitang) devastated the Philippines with its extremely strong winds that reached 230 km/h and floods. It was named as the deadliest tropical cyclone during 1984 Pacific typhoon season--a long series of typhoon events that struck the country during the said year. Typhoon Ike resulted to more than 1,492 deaths in the Philippines. Ike also directly hit China where it became the biggest tropical cyclone to afflict Guangxi since 1954.

      Fengshen (Frank) - 2008
      Typhoon Fengshen directly struck Philippines and China on June 21, 2008 that lost over 1,371 lives and left 87 people missing. It caused controversies because several errors were committed in forecasting the direction of the typhoon. The said typhoon was also known for the capsizing of MV Princess of the Stars ship during the height of the storm, killing about 846 of the 922 passengers it held.

      Durian (Reming) - 2006
      From November 25 to December 6, 20016, typhoon Durian affected five countries in Southeast Asia namely Yap State, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, and Malaysia. Summing up the total number of deaths in these countries, the fatalities skyrocketed to more than 1,500. In the Philippines, the typhoon wreak havoc on the city of Albay, worsening the ongoing effects of Mayon Volcano at the time. The final death toll is still unknown due to the areas buried with lahar, but estimates range from 800 to 1,000 casualties.
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        Re: Super Typhoon Mangkhut Heads For Philippines At 280KM/H

        Mankhut is the most powerful storm of 2018 so far, and will be the largest to hit the islands in 60 years. It will make landfall on the largest and most populous island in the Philippines on Saturday with the potential for loss of life before it moves on to its next Asian targets. This is a serious storm, making this a serious topic. Facetious, mocking, and off-topic posts will be continue to be moderated or deleted. Please be respectful.

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          Re: Super Typhoon Mangkhut Heads For Philippines At 280KM/H

          We certainly need to pray for the people of the Philippines and anyone else who ends up in it's path.
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            Re: Super Typhoon Mangkhut Heads For Philippines At 280KM/H

            Very tough place to live, enduring all these storms.

            Praying for their safety
            Those who seek God with all their heart will find Him and be given sight. Those who seek their own agenda will remain blind.