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Developments in Syrian civil war

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  • Developments in Syrian civil war

    Syria and Russia are trying to pinch out the opposition forces in a final assault on Idlib.

    I would say this is connected to the wider issue of Iran tensions at this time.

    The overall result is this: Trump approves $8bn Saudi weapons sale over Iran tensions
    As the "thief" in the night, Christ is going to suddenly appear on the throne of Israel - not the antichrist.

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    Re: Developments in Syrian civil war

    As a Bible student, I have been predicting since 2011 the #IranUSwar.
    So many Christians just don't study their Bibles.
    They pay the pastor to do it for them so that they won't be troubled
    And so many pastors don't study their Bible either
    because they get cliff notes that free them up to do other things
    So popular unbiblical ideas go wild and the truth is left in the dust


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      Re: Developments in Syrian civil war

      From my reading of Bible prophecy,
      The thing that we should be most concerned about is:
      Iran will get pushed into a corner and attack the US fleet in the Persian gulf

      Big armies were the way to go in past ages
      then came guerilla warfare.

      America's fleet in the Gulf is like a big army that is no match
      for hundreds of speed boats (guerilla warfare) that synchronize their attack without warning

      The sinking of the Spanish Armada by the English in "rowboats"
      Is a forgotten lesson that is soon to be repeated


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        Re: Developments in Syrian civil war

        Your statement is so true!


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          Re: Developments in Syrian civil war

          I'm doing research on Syria.

          From what I can tell, it is one of the oldest still existing countries in the world.

          I'm pretty sure its borders weren't always where they are now, however.
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