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Calling all brothers and sisters in christ!!!!

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  • IMPORTANT Calling all brothers and sisters in christ!!!!

    I'm having the most terrible days of my life man..and im only 16 years old!..i've been wrestling with temptation and nothing seems to work man..well let me take u back to where i was a couple of weeks ago i was doin fine when I was doing real good in my christian walk livin 4 da lord,preachin him,loving him,lovn life u know just living out our great salvation..but one day things changed..I was talkin to an atheist on youtube tryna to convince him to come to christ u know tellin them the facts and showin him who christ is and what he that went alright..i still didnt convert him but it was a good try tho..but later that night somethin strange happend..i started feelin guilty for what i had done and i didnt know i did some reasearch on condemnation and i figured that was the problem and i solved for a couple of days..then it started haunting me with fears of death and fears of what if what i was doing was right or i was worrying a while and then i started reading and prayin u know but the fears were still then things just started downhill from there..I started gettiin discouraged of afraid of gettin up and keep on goin 2 school and i felt me and the lords relationship slipping like i wasnt feeling that intimate touch with him anymore..and then the fears and doubts started affecting my school grades are slipping and i feel so powerless and weak and not adequate or encouraged like i used i kept askin God to take it away but i felt like he wasnt even caring and usually when i asked god for somethin he either answered me then or later on when my trail or hardship finished but this time he did i figured i could way it out and kept going and my fears and doubts and discouragement started gettin worse and worse..till i started gettin these major headaches and i even almost passed out in gym 3 times..i was prayin and tellin myself i can do it and tryed to keep goin but the pain keeps growin no matter how hard i try and know it seems i'm loosing my sense of direction in life and purpose and it had me at one point even thinking about suicide..but i thought naw that wont help..but still i wasnt hearing from god and i still didnt feel that love and i'm starting gettin careless in life not caring about anything myself,others,my future or anything feeling like theres no hope 4 anyuthing..and this is coming from a dude who loved to talk to god and loved to tell others about him and was so gracious about what god has done in my life..but now it feels like i have no love and i cant love and i feel like i cant even stand firm in the faith anymore..i pray to god to help me love help me grow help me find my joy and peace in him..and no matter how hard i try it feels like i still can't..and my morals are gettin corrupted my thinking is always negative and i'm not even feeling thankful for the things that i know god gave seems like my life is worthless and theres no hope for me evenn tho i know christ..i've tried seeking advice but nothing helps this pain and discomfort and negative feelings keep coming back and i'm unable to keep joy and love in my heart like i use to..I need all the help i can get cause im feeling useless and my friends are even noticing this change in me the way i act the way i think and all man..and even tho i know gods grace is suffcient i still dont see God the way i used to my picture of him is getting blurry and so is my future man i was so sure a while back but know i'm so unsure..i even faked playin sick to keep me from school because the pain hurted soo bad..somebody pray for me and ask god to help me through this i know he's here but my heart is not even feeling sensitive anymore the stories i read about jesus arent even touching me like they used i cant cry,feel,joy,or love i feel so cold and hurt too i feel like i have backslidin soo far even God can't help me man but i know thats true but i see no lettin up..i dont even see good as good anymore i feel like i goin crazy man..somebody help me!..People look up to me and ask for advice and now i cant even give it because i feel lost...

    -God bless-

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    It's obvious that you really want to love God. I know how you feel: helpless, in the dark, like God is a million miles away, like you must have gone off the deep end and God has left you for it.

    God has not left you. These temptations and fears have not separated you from Him. You won't always feel God's presence and sometimes your head will be filled with temptations, fears and doubts. Not all those thoughts are from you. The enemy whispers evil things to us and then accuses us for them. The enemy's goal is to get you to believe that only what you feel is real and if you don't feel God's nearness or comfort, you must not have it. This is a lie.

    God is closer than you feel. He is holding on to you. Often, it is when we are most tempted, most confused, that God is nearest. Despair of yourself and hope only in Him. Expect fears, temptations, suggestions from the enemy. Just because everything within you feels condemned or afraid, this does not mean that you are outside God's will. You don't have to wait for feelings of fear or condemnation to go away to be walking right. It is in the times when we feel most tempted that God is teaching us to cling most tightly to Him.

    Don't allow discouragement to make you think that God is far away. Don't trust in what you feel and don't think that it is only when all these things have left you that you will be close to God. You can draw near to Him even though everything within you is telling you to run the other way. That's what He is trying to bring you to. Your relationship with God is not deepest when you are doing great things for Him. Rather it is deepest when you are facing temptations of many kinds and have to not rely on yourself, your feelings or your great spirituality, but only on the Lord.


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      Thank you..this has helped me alot this very moment..u are shining a sense of light in my direction right about now...

      -God Bless-


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        hey GOD is always there for you. almost sounds like your going thru puberty. i'm 31 and i still remember feeling like that. in no way am i sugar coating what you are feeling. my advise is to remain patient. keep in mind you still know and have the truth. GOD is on your side. i assume you feel guilty for trying to convert an atheist. you are blessed by GOD. i think the guilt is coming from the devil. consider it a blessing. you are doing something very right. the devil hates what you are doing. he will try to bring you down. hang in there. GOD bless friend


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          Hey thanx man..this helped me out some too..yeah u could say thats sorta where my guilt is coming from also it's coming from things like failing some test these past days when i knew i coulda done better..and also me and my friend are gonna be startin a christian club at school and people still askin when is gonna be started and i have the papers and and everything but i just don't feel like i'm in the right spirit and place right now to start one at this moment even tho i'm gonna be like the main leader of it..the word about the club has gotten so big even teachers are asking me when is the club gonna start..and i kinda feel like less a man because i feel like i'm lettin god down and my friends by not making ends meet to make things work out..becuase i'm usaully the one that helps everyboy else out with there problems and the one who continues to encourage many people to keep doin right and hang on with life and problems and i was so courageous with it too man..but im not sayin i'm soo high and perfect..i'm human and i need help too..but it feels like the most when i needed God for stregnth and help is the time he let me do it on my own..but i guess thats a part of suffering for being a christian and hey yeah your right we are all blessed even though we dont realize it sometimes....


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            Satan is a liar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            Sjohn1107, IMO, the devil is having a "hay day" with you...Your faith is all you have in this world, so put the devil where he belongs.....UNDER YOUR FEET!!!!! Get tough in the Lord~

            Go to the book of Ephesians 6 and read what the ARMOUR of GOD is....AND PUT IT ON, NOW!!!!!! That is the only thing that will work on Satan...He has no authority over a Child of God...Amen!!!! Get tough, and let your Heavenly Father take this battle, my friend!!! Don't give satan any more leverage than you have already allowed...The Word says, he has to give you 7 times back what he stole....Glory to God...Praise you Lord.

            See, satan doesn't want you to do anything for God, especially start a Christian he's throwing all this trash at you....Get busy about God's what you need to do, now~~~~

            You rebuke satan in the name of Jesus!!! He has got to go!!!! Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, the power of that name...Yeaaaaaaa~~~~~~!!!!!
            John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that HE gave HIS only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in HIM should not perish, but have eternal life.

            My testimony:


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              Mod hat on..

              Hi john..consider posting in the New in Christ or else the Young Adult section (that section includes teenagers) if you wish. I can't move this thread there because some of the posters here may be older than the age restriction in that section..but you sure can start a new one there.

              Meanwhile, I am leaving this one open so that others can continue to respond here as well.

              "The flowers appear on the earth,
              the time of singing has come,
              and the voice of the turtledove
              is heard in our land
              ." SofS 2:12 (RSV)


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                Young Brother

                You were talking to a person who doesn't believe in God. Then you started feeling this way? Many reasons come to my heart but I wonder how far you are in your christian walk. Remember FAITH is just a word until it is put into action. Have Faith.
                Just because there is stillness between you and your Heavenly Father does not mean He is not there. Read Job. Sometimes His silence simply means He wants to listen to us come to Him even if He doesn't imediately respond to us. In other words He wants us to continue to rely on Him even when He doesn't hand us a reply. It's kind of hard to explain but if you pray for wisdom and a understanding heart then read Job you will see that sometime He just wants us to know that He is God. The more you draw closer to Him the more you will understand this.
                He loves you so much. Just keep talking (praying to)Him. He is listening.
                And before you know it He will be flooding (filling) you with His Spirit.

                Much love to you
                Much love to you
                1 Peter 5:7 Cast all your cares upon him, because he careth for you.


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                  But Lord, why couldn't we cast out the Demon.
                  Because this one only comes out with Prayer.
                  You can always do something more. You can always Pray harder. When you think you have nothing left, you can hit your knees and take comfort in knowing that your Father will be your strength and under his wings you will find refuge.
                  Be strong in the lord. John 16:33: In this world you will have trouble, but TAKE HEART, I have overcome the world. Jesus is telling you that you can too, but only through him.
                  The one in you is stronger than the one that is in the world.
                  Ephesians 6.....not only do you have the armor of God, but you have to understand how the Armor works.
                  Having girded you loins with truth, you put on righteousness which attaches to the belt of truth. The shield of Faith interlocks with the soldier next to you. You have to interlock your shields or the entire company is vulnerable at that point. Meet with fellow believers as much as you can.
                  Your offensive weapon is the word of God, the sword of the spirit.
                  Be strong little brother. You too can be the Rock that jesus builds his church on.
                  Now take up your cross and follow jesus.
                  Thank you for being an inspiration to me. I came to the Lord late and I wish I had known the Lord at your age, although my testimony is all about God's power made perfect.
                  I will be praying for you.