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It is His Light

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  • It is His Light

    It is His Light, our Lord Jesus the Christ, that causes the warmth of Everlasting Life. For in His Light no one is threatened but the threatener. No one is deceived but the deceiver. And no one is hated but the hater. The blamer and the condemner, have no place in His Light. The blamer threatens and the condemner hates and commandment need no interpretation only that it will be fulfilled. "Let there be Light" is a commandment that is fulfilled by Godís choice alone.

    If a man suffer for Godís choice, then his suffering is not in vain; for the Lord is his great reward. But if a man suffer for the manís own choice, then the man has suffered in vain.
    If a man does not value the Lordís Salvation for himself, how can he value it for others? If a man does not value the Daily Bread of Life for himself, how can he value it for others? For as the Lord Jesus has insisted; Walk with Him and talk with Him, and He will show you the Way to everlasting Life.
    Let there be Light