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The Lily of the Valleys

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  • The Lily of the Valleys

    The Lily of the Valleys
    ~And He opened His mouth and taught them

    Often, we think of the great “I AM” statements of our Lord in relation to strength, power, the Almighty God. And it is well we think this way for this is how God describes Himself in the Holy Scriptures.

    But we deprive ourselves greatly if this is the singular way we see Him. For His lovely character is more beautiful than the clearest diamond whose radiance brings delight to our eyes whichever way it is turned.

    Palestine, during the time of Jesus, was the land of flowers. But none was more precious than the lily. It was associated with springtime, Passover and purity. It spoke of new beginnings and hope born anew.

    Lilies were one of the first objects of love that Jesus spoke of on the Sermon on the Mount. This was not a lesson to be learned in the Synagogue. No, the Master led the people out to the beautiful hillside, full of flowers, gently saying “Consider the lilies.” There they could gaze upon their beauty as He spoke of The Heavenly Father’s tender care of them.

    “Consider the lilies of the field”. How much we can learn from that. They are dependent on the Heavenly Father’s care. The trembling lily that the wind can bend, the frost can kill, that the animals can trample – these can bring us the sweet message of our God for they come back to new life after apparent death.

    Since God cares so much for flowers, He must be very kind and patient and gentle. When we hold the flower in our hands, let us ponder how gracious He must be who makes the flowers. How pitiful, patient, tender He is.

    But the fairest lily of all is the gentle, kind, sweet Son of God. As He taught the wondering people about the loving care of the lilies from the Father, He was also teaching them about Himself. His beautiful character is the exact representation of the Heavenly Father’s – pitiful, patient, tender, kind.

    He also alluded to the fact that He would be crushed and trampled under the cruelty of man. As the Son of Man He took on our frailty just as the lily He taught about.

    However, it did not end there for Jesus, the beautiful Lily who was crushed on that cross for you and for me. For He came back to life during brilliant springtime in a blaze of glory, pure and innocent just as the flower He taught about.

    ~I am the Lily of the Valleys~

    Author's note:
    I am aware that many people think that the land should not be called "Palestine" when referring to the day's of Jesus. But, I pray that might not distract us from the One Who I write about...
    ~ My testimony~