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What is strongest? kings, women, wine, or Truth?

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  • What is strongest? kings, women, wine, or Truth?


    Some say that kings and rulers are the strongest since at their word, subjects obey. They have the power over life or death. In some places, their Word is the law. Just look at them wrongly, or complain against them, you might lose your head.
    Some say that women are stronger than kings and rulers, since by their good looks, feminine influence, words like honey, they can influence the decisions of rulers. Kings will bring them pearls and other fine jewels. Some will give them even half of their kingdoms (Look at the king of Persia and Queen Esther).

    Some say that wine is stronger than kings, rulers, and women, since once inside their bloodstream, it goes to their heads. Their words become babel, their decisions become foolishness. (The King of Persia and Queen Vashti) So too much wine is stronger than rulers and women.

    Some say that Truth is the strongest and most powerful of all. Why is that? With the Truth of God, His Holy Torah, kings, rulers, women, can all instruct themselves in the way they must go. The Truth will instruct kings to love their wives, as Messiah loved his church, to treat them with respect, and be their spirit-filled guide. They will govern with fairness since it is written that every king should have a copy of the Torah by their side, to study, and to acquire wisdom through it.

    Truth will instruct women and queens to love their husbands and kings, to be humble, to serve with sincerity, to dress modestly, and to reverence inner beauty more than the outward appearance. They will instruct their children to love Truth and walk orderly.

    Truth will reveal and teach that wine and strong drink will twist the minds of rulers and women, that drunkenness will lead to destruction and errors in decisions. For the Spirit of God is the author of Truth, and the Living Truth is Yeshua, the author of it all. Therefore, the TRUTH is the strongest of all.

    (from the First Book of Esdras, but revised a bit by yours Truly) (One of the books of the Apocrypha)

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    Dear friend, it's deepens which country you are live. In some places people pay heavy price for the truth. North Korea, China and many Muslims country the truth may cost you a life in prison or even death.

    About Vine if you have no control over it you pay heavy price too. Like my pastor said, sin will kip you from this book, or this Book from the sin. (and showing the Bible)


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      Without Love, even Truth is just a weapon of destruction; in other words, the Power of Truth is Magnified when used in Love, therefore LOVE is strongest...
      Jesus said, "Out of the hardness of your hearts Moses gave a writ of divorce; but from the beginning it was not so." How many more things do you suppose are, "From the beginning, NOT so?"