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  • Imprisoned!

    Captured by His love

    I would like to think I am a total prisoner of the Love of Christ. However, in reality I don't believe I am quite there, as of now.

    The Apostle Paul. He was a total prisoner of the Love of Christ. With hatred for Jesus and this new "sect" in his murderous heart, he set out to destroy them. But then the great encounter occurred as a radiant blaze of LIGHT knocked him to the ground to be forever a prisoner of LOVE - one of the greatest love stories ever told. ~For to me to live is Christ~ he would boldly proclaim to the world.

    Someday... I hope to be a complete prisoner, gladly enclosed forever in by the bands of His wondrous love. Every time I get angry with God in confusion and pain He waits...knowing that my oft-stubborn heart will eventually ask the question again ~ Lord, to whom shall I go? Thou hast the words of eternal life~ gladly, captured and irresistibly drawn in again by His passionate love for me.

    There was a tiny, wild bird that flew into my house one day. It began to desperately fling its little body against the walls of our home, captured in a place it did not want to be. The tiny little creation of God could not have known it was imprisoned within the walls of a home of someone who cries over the suffering of God's creation. I managed to somehow capture it and take it to the vet for healing. When I called regarding its condition the following day it had been set free.

    He will let us go free, if we choose. But when we instead decide to become a prisoner of the Love of Christ that is when our true freedom begins.

    Please listen to a beautiful song - With All I Am
    ~ My testimony~