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    Our God has shown His desire was for us all through the Old and NewTestaments. Throughout the Old Testament, He constantly called His people back, asked for their worship, asked for their hearts. His longing was constantly for His people to worship Him, love Him, and serve Him. His heart grieved every time they turned to false gods, every time they turned away. His desire was always for His people, and this is His overwhelming theme in all His dealings with Israel. He would stop at nothing to have His people, to have their love and devotion, to have them accept His love and want to be His.

    Hence, the Messiah, the Savior, perfectly in accord with His character and desires to have a relationship with humanity. Jesus came, and gave His life, gave His all, to love His people and have them come to Him, accept Him, and love Him. How often He wanted to gather them under His wing as a hen gathers her chicks. He wanted to be our bread and our drink. He wanted to be our living water, our bread of life. He wanted us to be one with Him, Him in us and us in Him. There are so many other things He wanted to say, but we couldn’t bear them, weren’t ready for them. It made Him sad when we rejected Him and happy when we accepted. God in the New Testament is the same God as the Old Testament, except with human form, a human heart, human longings and human tears.

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    That is so beautiful...

    Thank you for sharing that
    ~ My testimony~