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  • Draw Near to God

    James 4:8 (New King James Version)

    8] Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners; and purify your hearts, you double-minded.

    Draw Near to God
    Sir Isaac Newton noted, "I can take my telescope and look millions and millions of miles into space, but I can lay it aside, go into my room, shut the door, and get down on my knees in earnest prayer, and see more of heaven and get closer to God than I can when I am assisted by all the telescopes on earth."

    Easily distracted by God's creation, I remind myself daily that God only wrote one book, and that is the Bible. Only through His infallible Word can I find His Son, Jesus Christ. Only He can cleanse me, purify my heart and clear my mind.

    Christ says, "Come to me," and I came. Christ says, "I will never leave you or nor forsake you," and I grabbed that promise and held on. You can too.


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    burning in most faithful way like a seraphim pulled in isaiah13? down on my worshipping face shut-eyed and like a glow of most understood design, giving all my hearted seat to Him alone on a mean machine called desire for god, they give their haert intheir hand that glows a-touched by Him, their bibles touched a-glow to Him, and i also, not be it the silvercoins special symbolics of glow written to Him, it is that sound i call to Him like a jackal in Namuh1:13 though drwing the sword with wild loving arms to embrace Him, i know will always be in my hands when He has a specific time and where i am to walk because carely i know some ofhis children arein His plan, like a total sigma to His trust and control, and comaufladged in humility and is that means of bringing in most humblest of His pies and blessings, nothing elsepulls the magnetism , no offering, sacrifice written in isaiah1 brings intensifying glow on all we who are planned in receiving the blood of salvation, once not like a hebrew daily crucifixion warned heb13:27 i think, or somewhere close in them chapters, amen, brew

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