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Songs for the Shepherd

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  • Songs for the Shepherd

    Songs for the Shepherd

    ~I am the good shepherd~

    ~The LORD will go before you; and the God of Israel will be your rearward~

    Who is this good Shepherd? Why, He is none other than the Lord Jesus Christ. It seems strange that He should identify Himself in such a way. For, in those days, shepherds were looked down upon. Away with the thought that we Westerners have of them; clean and handsome. No, they were filthy dirty and looked much like raga muffins. And, yet our dear Savior identifies with such. We should not find it strange. It seems He preferred the lepers, the sinners, the outcasts, the harlots, the fishermen. Of such He went after. Those were His ways.

    ~I am the good shepherd~, He proclaimed in the Gospel of John. When He described Himself as good, what was He saying? There seems hardly enough room for all of the superlatives that were listed. Some of them were, beautiful, excellent, eminent, surpassing, precious, admirable, comforting…oh! Blessed Shepherd! How beautiful you are!

    The shepherd goes before the sheep and the sheep follow Him because they know His voice and they have come to trust Him. Sheep are very timid creatures. They will not follow a stranger. They have come to trust in one. The one, who provides for them, leads them to wonderful pasture, and brooks of water. The one who picks them up when they fall as they cannot pick themselves up. The one who examines them and makes certain there is nothing harmful in their fur or noses. This shepherd will not harm them; they know that for He has been good to them. He is intimately acquainted with each of them and loves each dearly.

    Such is our Shepherd God, the Lord Jesus Christ. This Shepherd God will bring quiet rest to our anxious hearts if we but follow and trust Him, ever listening to His gentle call. He will not lead us astray. He will go after us, if we wander away. He goes after the lost sheep until He finds them, you know. After He finds them He brings them back to the fold where it is safe for He always guards and protects His sheepfold. And, what of the little lambs? He oft carries them close to His heart while He whispers His sweet, tender words of love into their little lamb’s ears.

    Finally, this beautiful Shepherd does not forget the weak, the fragile, the stragglers, the aged. For that is when He comes behind the flock as their rearward to make certain that none are left behind. He strengthens the weak, the fragile and the ones that would fall by the wayside. Not a one of the sheep will be left behind. He protects those in the rear from the enemy who would attack. If need be, He picks them up and puts them on His strong shoulders and carries them the rest of the way home. He not only picks them up but He picks up the messes they leave behind. Nothing escapes this dear Shepherd’s attention. Everything that concerns His beloved sheep, concerns Him. Not one of them shall ever be plucked out of His hand because this Shepherd will keep all of His sheep forever at His side because of His great love for them.


    And, this Shepherd is God with Us
    ~ My testimony~

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