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Abba, Father, Did You Cry?

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  • Abba, Father, Did You Cry?

    Meditating on Yom Kippur
    Septemeber, 2008

    I have difficulty pouring out my heart to God and letting myself cry. Perhaps it is because I have been abused for the greater part of my life. But it is starting to change. I asked Jesus fairly recently to heal my relationship with my Heavenly Father so I might feel safe going to Him with my fears, pain and grief.

    I love my pets. I find unconditional love from them which I never received growing up. For years my cats have brought great comfort to me as I withdrew from others. They seem to always be there loving me when I need to grieve. Innocent and loving animals they are.

    This morning, I read something from a person on an internet forum who loved their cat and expressed their grief over losing their pet. I started crying and the still small Voice of God came to me asking me to come and share my grief with Him.

    I let myself cry out to my Heavenly Father and after I cried for awhile He gave me this message to meditate on and then share with my treasured readers.

    Abba, Father, did You Cry?

    Abba, Father, did You cry when Your Son left His home in Heaven to come to us in this dark world?

    Did You cry over the slaughter of innocent children slain because a wicked ruler wanted to kill Jesus, who You gave to us because of Your great love for us?

    Did You cry when He was constantly rejected by the religious leaders of the day? So envious of Him they were that His life was often threatened. How it must have hurt You knowing the feelings of rejection and hurt He felt. Even though He is God, He is also Man and felt the pain we feel.

    Did You cry when He wept over Jerusalem and at the tomb of the dead Lazareth? And what of the time of His betrayal? To have a friend betray oneself is awful! It is some of the worst pain one can feel.

    Did You cry when He suffered all alone? His disciples were not able, at the time, to enter into the fellowship of His sufferings. How alone He must have felt! So alone in that garden that you sent Him an angel to strengthen Him.

    Did You cry over Your innocent and harmless Son as they began beating Him beyond recognition and shoved that cruel crown of thorns upon His regal Head? Oh, the pain which You felt is beyond comparison! No one has suffered as much as You seeing such cruelty done to Your Son.

    Did You cry when they nailed Him to the cross? The physical and emotional pain He endured for us and Your sake, no mortal man can know.

    Did You cry when He shrieked out “My God, my God, why hast Thou forsaken me” as the guilt and shame of every human being was placed on Him?

    Did You cry when Your Son, who is God died so that we might live?

    Abba, Father do you still cry over all the hurt and pain in this wicked world and over the way people still hate and despise Your beloved Son, Jesus?

    ~ My testimony~