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A Message from my Father

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  • A Message from my Father

    "This is to remind you how much God loves you. He gave His Only Begotten Son as a gift of love to us all. Through His gift mercy satisfies justice. We receive God's grace when we are truly repentant, and humble to his will and Holy Spirit, following the example of our Redeemer. Do we show God the same devoted love, trusting His guiding light? All that is necessary is to ask God to guide our life, and He shall send His inner peace to dwell in our heart… thus our sins are washed away by water and spirit, through the grace of God. Except we are born again, we cannot see the Kingdom of God. Except we are born of water and spirit we cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Through the Savior all are resurrected, good and evil, but unless we are born of spirit, justice is satisfied. Our reward is then according to our acts, and mercy cannot satisfy justice. Is it very reasonable if we profess to believe in God, then have not faith and trust in Him to guide our lives? Is our belief positive if we believe, we are born, we live and die, ending our existence, believing there is no God, or we reject His gift of mercy? If we desire to serve God, no longer rebelling against Him, by serving, instead, others or playing god, we must sacrifice all we are and have to Him, with faith and trust He shall provide our needs. The yoke is light. If we take up our cross and follow Christ's humility and service to God's will, we shall inherit the Kingdom of Heaven, Eternal Glory. To put on the spiritual we must take off the carnal self as a snake sheds it's skin. Cannot we become God pleasers instead of people pleasers? The universe is eternal and in it is the eternal positive and negative. Our reward is according to which we follow, tune into or choose. If we do good or evil it returns to us. Should we blame God and Christ for those that profess their names and do not their works? Were we not warned there would be many wolves in sheep's clothing? Deceivers that would deceive even the elect. This is why we need to make direct contact with God, following the Holy Spirit and not the arm of flesh. Then we need not worry about being deceived by men, when we only put our trust in God, and are reborn of spirit. The Christ personified, even laying down His life for the will of God. None come to the Father but through Christ. Please look up and invite God into your heart to dwell eternally with you, giving a place to you in His Kingdom and His peace."