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    God’s Poverty

    ~For ye know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that, though he was rich, yet for your sakes he became poor, that ye through his poverty might be rich~

    2 Corinthians 8:9

    He had all things and through Him all was created. Never was one more wealthy then He; all that the Father has was His. He is the adoration of the angels; so holy and beautiful is His face that they must veil themselves as they pass by Him. The cattle on a thousand hills are His and all things are created for Him. He is the center of the Christians’ worship and forever we will bow in adoration at His beautiful nail-pierced feet. We will cast our crowns before the Lamb Who was slain from before the foundation of the world.

    And yet He came to this world unnoticed except by His parents, the wise men and a few dirty shepherds. He bed was a feeding trough. He grew up in humble circumstances, submitting to His parents and they tell me He was a carpenter.

    As He began His public ministry, He had no place to call His home in this dark, cruel world. He had to depend on the hospitality of others for meals. He had no pillow to lay His weary head at night. Perhaps the rocks were His pillow where His regal head rested. He had no money; the women who followed Him ministered to Him out of their substance. The little money that He and his rag-tag fishermen followers had was stolen sometimes by His so-called friend; His betrayer to be, Judas.

    He had no transportation except when He rode on a borrowed colt of a donkey into Jerusalem to weep over His beloved city. His last meal on earth was spent in a borrowed upper room where He spoke lovingly and tenderly to His bewildered disciples and then prayed His great prayer to His Father.

    The last few hours of His life the friends who had provided homes and food for Him were taken away as He faced His accusers and torturers alone. His robe was stripped from Him; a robe of scarlet was mockingly put upon Him, scarlet representing royalty. A crown of thorns was shoved on His head, a reed placed in His hand as they cruelly made fun of Him and then beat him on the head with the reed.

    The scarlet robe was taken off Him; His own robe placed back on Him, the cross was placed on Him as He traveled up the hill, Calvary. He wore the crown of thorns. As they crucified Him, they took off His garments, and parted them amongst themselves. And then they stripped from Him the only thing left that He could call His own…they took His cloak.

    ~I would like to dedicate this devotional to Ashley....Precious Ashley...He knows...Praying for you
    ~ My testimony~

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    ~ My testimony~