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Bible Study Minute 4/20/18

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  • Bible Study Minute 4/20/18

    1 Samuel 28; 31

    When God speaks, do you listen?

    As we close our look at 1 Samuel, chapters 28 & 31 show us the end of Saulís life. His death is tragic and one we would be wise to pay attention to.

    Saulís life ends with actions similar to those when he was told his kingship would be taken away from him. Way back in 1 Samuel 13 we find Saul becoming impatient as he waits for Samuel to arrive with a word from the Lord on how to proceed in battle. Instead of waiting, he takes matters into his own hands & offers an unlawful sacrifice. Upon seeing this, Samuel tells Saul the kingdom would be taken away from him.

    Now, years later, God had stopped speaking to Saul. In need of a word from the Lord and with none coming, Saul once again takes matters into his own hands. This time he uses a medium to reach the deceased Samuel. She is successful, and Samuelís only word is a reminder of Godís prior word, and a promise that he & his sons would soon die. Contacting a medium was a huge offense against Godís Law and it sealed Saulís fate.

    When we look at the life of Saul, we find his biggest flaw was a failure to obey the Lord. As a result, God gave him over to his ways & stopped talking.

    Sadly, this is the kind of life many people live today. They get close enough to God to know who he is and how they ought to live in response, but they never submit to him & obey his word. Donít let that be you.

    What can you learn from Saul and his relationship with God?

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