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Bible Study Minute 4/23/18

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  • Bible Study Minute 4/23/18

    2 Samuel 1; 2:1-7

    How will you respond when your enemy dies?

    2 Samuel continues where 1 Samuel ends. In this opening chapter David receives the tragic news of Saul and Jonathanís deaths. Yet, his response isnít what you would expect.

    Davidís response to the news showed the love and respect he had for his king and father-in-law, even though they had become enemies. Upon receiving this news, you would expect David to breathe a sigh of relief, knowing the threats against his life are over, but thatís not what happens. Instead of rejoicing, he mourned the death of Israelís king & composed a song befitting of his life and how he & Jonathan served the people of Israel. His mourning was genuine and shows the kind of godly character he possessed. It also shows the kind of king he would be in contrast to Saul.

    If you were faced with a similar situation, how would you respond? Would you act like David, or would you rejoice and gloat over your enemyís demise? As I thought about that this morning, I couldnít help but think of the gospel. I should never be happy when someone dies without being reconciled to Christ, enemy or not. Instead, I should mourn their loss & their eternal fate.

    Today, consider Davidís response and the character he showed in this narrative. Ask God to give you the same measure of grace to mourn over the loss of others. Whether an enemy or a frienemy, be willing to honor & show them all the respect theyíre due.

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