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Bible Study Minute 4/26/18

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  • Bible Study Minute 4/26/18

    Psalm 18; 2 Samuel 9
    Have you been adopted?

    As we look at Psalm 18, and the psalms of David in general, we learn that David has a firm grasp on Godís character. Unlike many others, he sees clearly who God is and how he works. And, it is this understanding that allows him to live out the gospel in his life through both love and grace toward others. In 2 Samuel 9 we see a perfect illustration of this played out.

    If we roll back the timeline a bit, back to when Saul was chasing after David, Jonathan showed copious amounts of grace to David. He did everything he could to spare him from his fatherís hand, even to the point of risking his own life. In return, David promised to return the same grace at some point in the future.

    As king, David finally has the opportunity to extend grace to Saulís family through Mephibosheth, Jonathanís son. Not only does he give him all of Saulís remaining property, but he brings him into his household and treats him as he would his own son. David essentially adopts Mephibosheth into his family.

    In many ways, this is a picture of the gospel. When God regenerates us, he adopts us into his family and calls us sons or daughters, and gives us all the privileges that come along with it.

    Given the grace God has shown us, in what ways can you extend grace to others this week?

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