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Bible Study Minute 5/1/18 - David's Census

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  • Bible Study Minute 5/1/18 - David's Census

    2 Samuel 24; Psalm 24

    Does your worship cost you something?

    2 Samuel 24 shows us how easy it is for us to fall into sin when life is going well and we become complacent. This is exactly what happens to King David. Finally, with peace all around, David decides to take an unlawful survey to see how large his army is. This is clearly a moment of pride in Davidís life. As a result of Davidís sin, the entire nation of Israel was punished through a ravishing 3-day plague.

    Yet, the Lord allowed all of this to happen, and we still see his grace & mercy on display. With the angel of the Lord still enacting Godís justice, the prophet Gad tells David to offer a sacrifice to the Lord, which he immediately does. God was pleased with this sacrifice and he averted the plague. So, what could have been worse, God relented because of Davidís act of worship.

    Now, letís talk about that offering. David could have done this at no cost to himself. But, he knew that he was the one who sinned and incited Godís wrath, so he knew that this offering had to come at his own expense. So, instead of freely accepting everything for the offering, he pays 50 shekels of silver & offered everything as an act of worship to God.

    It is this same God who David worships as the Lord of glory in Psalm 24.

    Just like David, our worship should cost us something. Read Romans 12:1-2 & think about what in your life you will offer to God in worship.

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