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Bible Study Minute 5/3/18 - Delight in God's Word (Psalms 103; 119:1-48)

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  • Bible Study Minute 5/3/18 - Delight in God's Word (Psalms 103; 119:1-48)

    Psalms 103; 119:1-48
    Do you hunger & thirst for Godís Word?

    Davidís words in Psalm 103 paint a beautiful picture of Godís character for us, especially when it comes to conversion. When God forgives our sins he no longer remembers them. Instead, he us equips us to live new lives for him. This is something we should never forget and always be thankful for.

    As such, when we flip over to Psalm 119, we see how this new life is lived out. It is a life characterized by a desire to live godly and to study Godís Word. I love the playful back & forth the psalmist has in this psalm. He talks about how he keeps his eyes on Godís commands, he meditates on Godís Word, he hides Godís Word in his heart to keep his way pure, and so on. At the same time, he talks about how heís seeking after God wanting to learn Godís ways, and asking for understanding.

    What we see in Psalm 119 is a never ending thirst for righteousness. And just like the psalmist, this desire can be ours when we truly seek God and study his Word.

    Does this lifestyle and hunger for Godís Word characterize you? If not, pray to God & ask him to give you that desire. After youíve finished praying, open up your Bible and dig into Godís Word.

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