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Bible Study Minute 6/11/18 - Israel's Assyrian Captivity (2 Kings 17-18)

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  • Bible Study Minute 6/11/18 - Israel's Assyrian Captivity (2 Kings 17-18)

    2 Kings 17-18

    What are your idols?

    Today’s reading is in 2 Kings 17-18, but we’ll focus our attention on chapter 17.

    The first thing we see in this chapter is that God keeps his word. He had sent numerous prophets to Israel who urged the people to repent of their idolatry. They ignored the prophets because they didn’t believe God would do anything. Well, God finally brings in the Assyrians to carry the kingdom of Israel off into captivity. This is their punishment for their repeated failure to repent of their sins, as was promised through the prophets & Deuteronomy 28.

    After this, the Assyrians repopulate the land with their own people. These people enter the land with their own idols and ways of living. Even after hearing of the true God, the God of Israel, they continue to live as before. Sure, they believe in this God, but only do the minimum to appease him. They had no intention of worshiping him or changing their ways. He was simply an add-on to their lives.

    So often we’re the same way. We want God’s benefits, but we don’t necessarily want to submit to and live for him. For those that were brought into the land, it was so they weren’t eaten by the wild animals, but nothing more. We want the same kind of safety and provision from God, and will attempt to do the bare minimum to get it. Our ultimate goal is to continue living how we please without giving thought to God. We’d much rather worship or idols of self, career, or whatever else it might be.

    This is the same behavior that sent Israel into captivity.

    Here’s what I want you to ponder today: Are you genuinely serving the Lord or merely paying him lip service?

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