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Bible Study Minute 6/12/18 - Hezekiah's Faith & Folly (2 Kings 19-21)

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  • Bible Study Minute 6/12/18 - Hezekiah's Faith & Folly (2 Kings 19-21)

    2 Kings 19-21

    What do your children see in you?

    2 Kings 19-21 shows us the tale of two kings. One king is faithful, the other is faithless and totally depraved. The sad thing about these kings is that one is the father, and the other his son.

    In 2 Kings 18-20 Hezekiah is shown to be one of the faithful kings of Judah. His faith in the Lord is tremendous and he is blessed accordingly. The biggest display of Hezekiah’s faith is when Assyria was at his doorstep. His faith allowed God to work miraculously in preventing Assyrian conquest. Later God extends his life another 15 years after another moment of sincere & strong faith.

    Yet, in 2 Kings 21 we see his son Manasseh. He takes the throne at a young age and immediately undoes all the good his father had done in restoring the people to worship of God. Manasseh goes all in on idol worship, sorcery and child sacrifice. You’d think he was one of the kings of Israel with his behavior, not a king of Judah. And then we see his son Amon following in his footsteps.

    At this point, we have to pause and ask ourselves, “What happened?” How much of Manasseh’s behavior was influenced by his father, Hezekiah? You see, at the end of Hezekiah’s life we see lots of pride, selfishness, and a flippant lack of compassion. I mean, what kind of king & father doesn’t care that his children will be taken off into captivity, so long as it’s not him that’s going?! Now, Manasseh was born after this prophecy, so we can only wonder what kind of father Hezekiah was to his son at this point in his life. Did he even disciple and bring him up in the ways of the Lord?

    That brings me to my thought for today. What do others see in you? Do they see godly character or something else?

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