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Bible Study Minute 6/14/18 - Spiritual Adultery (Jeremiah 1-3:5)

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  • Bible Study Minute 6/14/18 - Spiritual Adultery (Jeremiah 1-3:5)

    Jeremiah 1-3:5

    Are you committing spiritual adultery?

    God calls Jeremiah from a young age to be his prophet. The message God gives him is not a pretty one. And this preaching begins during the reign of Josiah, the last godly king of Judah.

    Jeremiah’s first message is a doozy and picks up right where Hosea left off. In Jeremiah 2:1-3:5, God calls out Israel for its spiritual adultery. One of the metaphors God used to speak of his covenant with Israel was that of a marriage, thus the imagery is quite illustrative.

    As the husband to Israel, God has always been faithful and just. He has done everything to bless and prosper his people. Yet, Israel still places the blame on God as if he hasn’t given them enough. Instead of seeing the problem in the relationship as their own, they would much rather shift blame to God. This is interesting because they are the ones that chased after other gods and peoples, forsaking the covenant they made. Even when caught in the act (through the message of the prophets) they have no shame and claim their innocence.

    What God wanted was simple. He wanted Israel to repent and return to him. But, with their failure to repent, God has had enough. In essence, he tells his bride, “Okay, I’ll back off. I’ll let you have what you want, but you’ll suffer the consequences for your actions.” The consequence? Being carried off into captivity just like the northern kingdom of Israel.

    Israel forsook their relationship with God. They figured he wouldn’t mind if they dabbled in some other relationships. Why would he? He’s a forgiving God and they still pay lip service to his name. How often are we the same way in our own lives?

    Meditate on this thought today: What excuses do you bring against God as reasons for not serving him?

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