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    Despite all of his hatred towards the Jewish people, Hitler named one of his works "Eternal Jew", which sounds surprisingly beautiful for someone who hated the Jew so much. I think it is because Hitler sensed that there is something mythical about the Jew. Yes, the Jew is cursed, but the notion of curse, itself, carries some kind of alluring mysticism. Look, for example, at the curse pronounced upon Spinoza (yes, in this case the tables have turned since the Jews were the ones pronouncing the curse rather than the ones being cursed, but the concept of a curse -- as such -- is the same): Just imagine room full of candles, and a deep slow voice reading the words given in that link. It doesn't sound aggressive at all. On the contrary there is some alluring mysticism there. In the same way as Jews used alluring mysticism in cursing Spinoza, Hitler used alluring mysticism in cursing the Jew. In fact, maybe part of the strong delusion of the antichrist would be that notion that "hey, it doesn't matter that the words of the curse sound so horrible, what matters is that deep spiritual voice reading the curse that carries all that alluring mysticism", so that people would willingly subject themselves onto the curse.

    But lets go back to the Jew. The Jew is, indeed, unique. The hatred of the Jew towards Jesus Christ can not be explained by evil motives, at least not in the ordinary sense of evil. The satanist is far more evil than the Jew, yet it is a lot easier to convert the satanist than it is to convert the Jew. Nor can it be explained by religious fanatism either. A muslim is a lot more fanatic than secularized Jew, yet it is a lot easier to convert the Muslim than it is to convert the Jew (whether secularized or not). The fact that the Jew hateth the name of Jesus Christ, indeed, appears to be supernatural. Perhaps it has something to do with the curse of the fig tree pronounced upon the Jew (Mark 11:12-25). Maybe its the nature of how God's curse works: instead of making someone look like a criminal, it produces an evil of mystical, intangible, kind, and makes the cursee a unique of its kind. While there are many (in fact, most) people that will be cursed at the end times, there is only very few examples of people upon whom the curse has already been pronounced as of today (Luke 13:2-5). In fact, if we focus our attention only on the New Testament, there are just two examples thereof. A cursed individual, Judas Iscariot, and a cursed group of people, the Jew. And, indeed, it says that Judas went to his own place (Acts 1:25). In other words, he is unique of a kind. Unlike Stalin, Hitler, Osama Bin Laden, etc. etc. etc. Judas doesn't have to wait till the end times to be cursed: he has already been cursed. And, unlike these other individuals I just mentioned, Judas isn't evil in any sort of materialistic sense, he is evil in a very mystical sense, for which there is no parallel. Similarly, the Jew constitutes the only group of people that doesn't have to wait to be cursed, it has already been cursed. And thats why there is no historical parallel of any other group of people similar to the Jew.

    With this being said, let me now go ahead and pronounce those mystical words, with all due respect, and awe and admiration: May the curse rest upon the Jew. Amen.