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you meant it for evil....

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    ..But God meant it for good. With these words Josph who had been sold into slavery with almost certain death forgave his brothers. How would this change ourselves and our Church if we all lived these words. I believe the promise that they would know us by our love would become true. It is sad to think that Christians give more in the name of our Lord Christ for the power and hurting. But they don't know us by our love. What effect would these words accomplish in your family, friends or community? I pray for these words to be written on my heart of flesh that I might live like the One who as they nailed Him to the cross spoke the words "Father forgive them..." They meant it for evil but the Lord knew God the Father meant it for good. How amazing You are Lord grows with each passing glimpse I catch of you through your Word.

    Have you had many or any what I like to think of as Beatitude responses?