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    Do you realize that Rev. 7 (shoved in between the account of seals 1-6 and then the 7th seal) started off as an "after" chapter?


    As in these events are not to be taken as in the 6th seal entirely. They must be figured out as to where they go; for John has begun to tell his readers a new story.

    A story that takes them to the time of four corners. The time of when to send the guy of the 4th seal that has many weapon methods. The time to send the worst of the heathen against the land of Israel.

    But before the man of sin can begin to rule his land of Iraq and war - the seven angels must come and seal the 144,000. They then return to heaven - and sound the seven trumpets. The 7th trumpet is where the rapture will begin - and if we look at the end of Rev. 7 - we find that men have entered into the temple; for John sees them there.

    resurrection of the dead of the just/
    rapture time

    then shhhhh- time for the Lamb to open the 7th seal