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Why was Daniel so sad? What did he see?

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  • Why was Daniel so sad? What did he see?

    Ever thought about Daniel 10?

    Why do you think Daniel was in sorrow - mourned for

    three full weeks


    Is this a clue to the endtime prophecy of the beginning of sorrows?

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    Daniel was a prophet/intercessor.

    To understand his prayer/fasting habits and how God worked in his life, read Daniel 10 in the light of Daniel 9 ...

    You see that revelation is preceded by intercession. And intercession brings with it mourning over sin and the gap between the holiness of God and the sinfulness of man.

    Daniel had already interceded for Israel (see chapter 9). Since he was still living in Babylon, I would think that he was now interceding for Persia also, because the revelations to come have to do with Persia as well as other kingdoms after it. And while Daniel was yet praying/mourning/fasting, in the spirit, Michael was wrestling with the spiritual stronghold over Persia and through Daniel's prayers, overcame it and was able to deliver a very strong and clear prophetic word from the Lord. That should be a lesson to us, I think.

    We may have chapters and verses but the original documents do not, so we can't just let a chapter stand on its own but have to look at the entirety of the book we're reading.


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      Here's a bit of what I think.

      Daniel 10 - 3rd year of Cyrus

      > > actually comes before the 1st year of Darius
      then Cyrus ruled again - because we find other places in the Bible verses that show Cyrus was in his first year when he released the Jews to return to Israel if they wanted to.

      Looking at just chapter 10>
      I see it begins with a vision -
      timing - 1st day of Cyrus (third year)
      1st month

      okay, then on the 24th day he will see a vision of a certain man

      So the chapter contains 2 visions.

      ------------Daniel 10:1
      "In the third year of Cyrus king of Persia...but the time appointed was long...had understanding of the vision."
      v 2
      "In those days I Daniel was mourning three full weeks."

      ------So Daniel has seen a vision- understood it - so no need to mourn for understanding -
      I beieve the vision warns of a terrible time to come on Israel in the end days - Daniel knew that - also understood the vision time will last for 21 years.
      (three full weeks)

      So what if Daniel saw the beginning of sorrows - a time that will come before the time of the certain man vision - and we have a 21-yr warning if we can figure this prophecy out?

      Daniel 10
      first vision made him sad
      understood it will last for three full weeks

      then he was happy for a few days

      but on the 24th day - came the vision of a certain man

      Dnaiel 10:14
      "Now I am come to make thee understand what shall befall thy people in the latter days..."
      v 16
      "...O my lord, by the vision my sorrows are turned upon me..."


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        So endtimes stuff was shown to Daniel in chapter 10.
        Daniel didn't tell us too much about his first vision - till he writes when the angel returns in chapter 11 - then with v 14 comes the story of what took place in a vision.