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Luke 17 - taken and left

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    Based on our interesting discussion centered on Luke 17, I decided to create a three-part video series concerning Jesus teaching recorded in Luke 17. I hope you find this both interesting and informative. I have finished Part 1, and I will provide a link below for anyone who wants to watch it. As usual, I will upload my script for those who like to speed read. (smile)

    At the moment, I am working on Part 2, and hope to have it posted next Friday. Part 3 will follow the Friday after that, Lord willing.

    Here is a link to the script
    Noah and Lot - a Retrospective (Part 1) Script.txt

    We begin a three-part series exploring Luke chapter 17 where Jesus challenges us to expand our thinking with regard to the kingdom of God, and the "son of man" days. In this first episode of “Noah and Lot – a Retrospective” we are going to briefly look at the middle half of Luke chapter 17 where the Pharisees questioned him as to when the kingdom of God was coming.

    Here is a link to the video

    I invite you to comment and give your responses. I'm always trying to improve the quality of each subsequent video I do.

    Thanks so much for watching my previous videos also. Because of you, I am encouraged to continue.

    With love,