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  • Revelation Chart

    Rev 1:1-3 Prologue Rev 1:19 Write the things which thou hast seen,
    4-8 Greeting to the Seven Churches
    9-20 Vision of the Son of Man
    Rev 2:1-29 The 7 churches Rev 1:19 and the things which are,
    Rev 3:1-22 The 7 churches
    Rev 4:1-11 The throne of God Rev 4:1 Come up hither, and I will shew thee things
    which must be hereafter. (Rev 6-22)
    Rev 5:1-14 The Lamb and the scroll
    Revealing Mysteries Rev 1:19 and the things which shall be hereafter; (Rev 6-22)
    Rev 6:1-2 1st seal- Spirit of the Antichrist
    3-4 2nd seal- Spirit of war
    5-6 3rd seal- Spirit of Famine
    7-8 4th seal-v Spirit of the dead
    9-11 5th seal- Martyrs
    12-17 6th seal- WWIII (Isa. 13)
    Rev 7:1-8 The144,000 Israelites Sealed
    9-17 Saints in the great tribulation- Matt 24:15-28
    Rev 8:1-5 Trumpets speak of war. 7th seal-The Seventh Seal and the Golden Censer
    6-7 Dan 7:15-28 Antichrist rises 1st trumpet- Hail, Fire and Blood
    8-9 2nd trumpet- Atom bomb
    10-11 3rd trumpet- Poisoning the rivers, fountains and waters
    12-13 4th trumpet- Darkness over the earth
    Rev 9:1-21 5th trumpet- Chemical warfare
    6th trumpet- New World Order war against the Antichrist
    Rev 10:1-11 Christ standing on the sea and land
    Rev 11:1-14 Prophets starts witnessing for 1260 The two witnesses
    15-19 7th trumpet- Thundering, earthquake and great hail
    Rev 12:1-6 Satan war against Israel and the saints
    7-17 Satan war in heaven and cast out
    Rev 13:1-10 Antichrist reign starts for 1260 Beast out of the sea-Antichrist
    11-18 Beast out of the land-False prophet
    Rev 14:1-5 The Lamb and the 144,000
    6-13 The Messages of the Three Angels
    14-20 The Harvest of the Earth- Saints and Israel
    Rev 15:1-8 The Seven Angels with Seven Plagues
    Rev 16:1-2 The Seven Bowls, God's Wrath 1st bowl- sores on those with the mark of the beast
    Rev 16:3 2nd bowl- Blood on the sea
    4-7 3rd bowl- blood on the rivers, fountains and water
    8-9 4th bowl- Sun scorched men
    10-11 5th bowl- darkness and pain upon the seat of the beast
    12-16 6th bowl- Euphrates dries up
    17-21 7th bowl- Babylon divided in three and cities fall
    Rev 17:1-18 The angel describing Babylon the harlot- Spiritually- N.W.O destroys W.C.O.C- Ten horns
    Rev 18:1-24 The angel describing Babylon the harlot- Economy- Antichrist gives mark 666
    Rev19:1-5 Rejoicing in Heaven
    6-10 The Marriage Supper of the Lamb
    11-16 The second coming of Christ First resurrection of the saints
    17-21 Armegeddon
    Rev 20:1-6 Beginning of the 1000 year reign
    7-10 The Defeat of Satan
    11-15 Judgment Before the Great White Throne
    Rev 21:1-8 The New Heaven and the New Earth
    9-27 The New Jerusalem- Bride of Christ Joh 3:29 He that hath the bride is the bridegroom:
    Rev 22:1-5 The River of Life
    6-21 Warning and encouragement