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    The "Florida Healing Outpouring"

    We understand that the "Revival" in Lakeland Florida is a growing excitement to some and also a growing concern to many others. As a rule of this board... we promote mainstream Protestant views and even though that covers a wide swath of doctrinal beliefs, the Administrators of Bibleforums CMB do not see this movement as fitting within the Protestant views that we intend for discussion at Bible Forums. In truth we wouldn't even give it credit for being anything other than a movement... it is certainly not a Revival. We want to STRESS THIS POINT because there are legitimate Revival's taking place all over the world and we would NEVER DISCOURAGE anyone from speaking of those. This is not something that we are deciding on because we are anti-Pentecostal/Charismatic... I can assure you that we are not. Most all of the Admin in this Forum would be labeled Pentecostal and or Charismatic... and rightly so. We have spent countless hours watching, studying, researching and praying about this for weeks now since we first heard about the meeting. It is this reason that we do not want to see this board being a billboard for such an event as this... nor do we want to see this board to start whipping up on everything Charismatic and Pentecostal simply because of the antics and parading of certain movements. The movement in Florida is tied in deep with the Latter Rain movement and that goes beyond what we would consider Protestantism. We try hard to not throw out the baby with the bathwater here but our problem is that there are times when we have to do just that. There are other issues naturally but that is enough for us to make the decision that we have made.

    That being the case, we will not be allowing the discussion of this movement (and ones like it) on the open board and we urge our members to exercise discernment regarding the doctrines underpinning the Lakeland Healing Outpouring.

    There is a Social Group (there will be no more... any other will be deleted) on this matter run by one of the Admin (ProjectPeter) and it can be discussed in that group once you are qualified to join. That happens after 7 days and 10 post. All other threads or post on this movement will be deleted as soon as a Moderator sees the thread appear.

    All other questions regarding our policy regarding this issue should be addressed in the Chat to the Moderators forum. Be patient and I will get with you just as soon as I can possibly can. In private, I will address any concern that you have both pro and con.

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    A.W. Tozer said,
    "To escape the error of salvation by works we have fallen into the opposite error of salvation without obedience.


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    Threads On War... Pro or Con

    I am posting this thread as the Admin of the various Doctrine Sections and putting it in Anything Goes as well. Everyone read and heed please.

    I know that this is a tough subject. Folks on both sides of this issue are often very passionate about what they believe. That is fine. You have the right to believe what you believe in this regard as well as speak your opinion on the matter.

    Here is what is not allowed.

    1. "You are just deceived." I don't care what kind of religious speak that you wrap that up in either. There are several ways that can be said and if it is said... your post will be deleted.

    2. When a moderator tells you to chill... it's easy. Chill. If you think you ought not chill then just go ahead and start your thread in chat to mod's explaining that. You may as well because if you post contrary to that... this is where you will be posting anyway.

    3. Folks for peace at all cost.... if that is your conviction then that's your conviction. Those for peace but yet there is a time when peace isn't found... that is your conviction then that is your conviction. However, that being said, when you start saying (again, it doesn't matter how you dress it up) that you hear from the Spirit of God therefore everyone else can pound sand... then no need to post in that thread. You too can start a thread in chat to mod's... that is where you will soon be posting if you take that attitude in the thread (other threads as well).

    4. Those who are for war and love war and think it cool and bombs away... happy, happy, joy, joy!!! Get saved.

    5. Mod's do their work here and it is a pain in the backside often times. When I hear of folks sending private messages to other folks and they are just causing grief and stirring folks up against mod's in those private messages... then you will no longer have the ability to private message. If you feel the need to send links to other message boards where folks can go who are like minded and not have to deal with us "agents of satan" then you will be banned. It has been going on and right now... it is sliding. If it continues then no more letting it slide. We do not make it a habit to read private messages. They are yours and meant to be private. However, if we have to in order to check out reports of abuse... Admin does have that ability. If we learn of folks picking fruit here for another forum... that is abusing the system.

    The owner of this message boards spends times more money than is donated in order to keep this message board open and current. Not to mention that he built it over the years with tons of hard work. While we know there are other good boards out there (as well as many really bad ones) it is just not cool to come in here picking the fruit of his labor and continued labor just because you disagree. That is simply being contentious. It is a sin. Stop sinning as you ought.

    6. For those of you who want to rail on about how unfair we are because you think we are picking on your stance... we aren't. There are many posters in the war threads that have said what they want and just as passionately as those on the other side.

    The Admin in this forum are not anti-war. It isn't because we love war. We do not. It is a horrible thing and would the world not have to contend with it. However, we do not believe that there is going to never be a time for a nation to war. So when we are in those threads we are not going to be on the side of those that are opposed totally to going to war. That doesn't make us unfair to the anti-war side of the discussion. Rest assured that we get on folks from most every side of most any issue. There are folks that can testify of that. Just because you don't see it... don't mean it isn't there. You guys cannot see the deleted post or the infractions issued. We have it set up that way because frankly... it isn't your business. We try to deal with all things privately. When you call us warmonger and the like... really... that's just not smart. One... it is not the truth. Two... it is against the rules because that word is not used to positively describe someone. It is a term of derision and if you are old enough to be on this board... you are old enough to understand that fact. That isn't just saying it (or other such phrases) to the Admin but members a like. Lose the word when posting in here when talking to other posters.

    7. It is probably best to go ahead on and start the thread in the Contro section of the boards. It will likely end up there soon enough anyway.

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    ! The Blog might interest some.. and Lord help me!!!... for those that twitter... there as well.

    A.W. Tozer said,
    "To escape the error of salvation by works we have fallen into the opposite error of salvation without obedience.



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      Be Nice - Everyone please read!

      Some of you who have been around the forums for a while may recall a time when we actually had to shut down the End Times Forum because it was way too far out of control with personal attacks, unecessary comments and was nearly beyond clean up. But, with you - the members - desire to keep ETC a place to discuss curbed the tongue and showed restraint and things moved on.

      There is a hint of that creeping back in. We won't allow things to become unfriendly again, and are going to ask you, the members, to really ponder what you are saying in your replies to another member - a brother or sister in Christ.None of us wants to go through a mess, it makes more work than necessary. We should all use discretion and salt our words well.

      If the moderators see any inappropriate post - this is a forewarning that your post will just simply be deleted, including other posts necessary to clean up the thread with no notice or warning. We are hopeful that we won't have to hold the reigns of ETC tightly, with your help. Let's remember Who's name we come together to fellowship in and carry on fruitful discussions.

      If anyone has questions, concerns or comments please bring those into the Chat to the Moderators forum and we will be happy to address them there.
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