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Which Bible verses completely disqualify...

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  • Which Bible verses completely disqualify...

    ...Barack Obama as the Beast?

    It's just that with Russia rising and their friendship with Iran, and now our financial collapse, and the 'world economy' etc., well, you know where I'm going with it at all possible that this guy could actually be 'The Beast'?

    Thanks in advance.
    As thy days, so shall thy strength be - Deuteronomy 33:25

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    How about this:

    And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is, [and] the other is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must continue a short space. And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition. And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast. Revelation 17:10-12

    Unless Barack Obama is a king from an earlier era, then the only thing he would qualify for, if the Beast ends up helping him become President, is what I have highlighted here.


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      Daniel 11:37. "He will show no regard for the gods of his fathers or for the desire of women, nor will he show regard for any {other} god; for he will magnify himself above {them} all.
      Barack Obama is married with children.


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        Originally posted by Gulah Papyrus View Post
        ...Barack Obama as the Beast?

        It's just that with Russia rising and their friendship with Iran, and now our financial collapse, and the 'world economy' etc., well, you know where I'm going with it at all possible that this guy could actually be 'The Beast'?

        Thanks in advance.
        As the Poster above me points out that he is married,makes many disqualify him as the Antichrist(desire of women),which may be the proof...But I'm still not sure about that one personally...

        He sure didn't have the desire to have Hillary be his runningmate,now did he?(now the question is...Is the "desire" a sexual reference or the desire to acknowledge a womans equality to men)

        Which goes back to the topic of the way the Islamic Muslim religion does NOT desire the women that way as well...(as they wear headscarfs and have little to zero rights...

        Why would this matter...Because Obama's father is named Barack Hussein Obama senior and carries the same name as Junior...His father was a Muslim...

        The Antichrist will decieve many,so I don't see why this is too difficult to understand...Just because I'm a registered member here and have "I am a christian" on my BIO,doesn't mean Squat,if I don't have the Love for Jesus Christ and understand he is the King of Kings and that he onced lived and then died and shed his blood for me and then had risen 3 days later...

        Nobody knows that but God of Abraham and Jesus himself...

        Same goes for Obama my friends and everyone else!(but I'm not running for President of the United States of America and neither are you)

        I will not judge Obama, as that is not my place and only god can do that!!

        But he is running for the Highest Political office in the world as POTUS...So I do have my eyes on him VERY closely...(but not blinded by other possibilities as well)

        But lets just look at the facts my friends, from what we know about Obama and include the speculated rumors and let GOD himself sort out the truth!
        #1)FACT:Obama has gone by the name Barry Soetoro or Barry Dunham(mothers maiden name),but is currently Barack Hussein Obama(His Fathers surname).Either way,he has carried many names...He was born in Hawaii in 1961!His father was from kenya and his mother from Kansas(both deceased).RUMOR:It is said that his Birth cerificate or certificate of LIVE birth have been forged or mishandeled.Why is this important?Because to be POTUS you must have been born in the United States on U.S. Soil or you do not Qualify to be president!If Obama is not a U.S. citizen then he would not only be a liar,but NOT qualify to even be running and his credentials would also qualify him to be the Antichrist according to the bible if his birthplace is Kenya or in that region!

        #2)FACT:Obama has had associations with Tony Resco,William Ayers,Rev.Wright.Tony Resco is in prison for Fraud and him and Obama have made buisness dealings together...William Ayers is a terrorist (bombed capital building)and has worked with Obama when he was community organizer/Senator and have worked on projects together.Obama went to the church for 20 years and Rev. Wright was his pastor...Obama said he was a mentor and father figure in his book "odasity of hope"...Rev.Wright is known for his American hatered and racial slurs to the pulpit.Obama ended his relationship when he won the primaries and after wright continued his slurs and remarks...RUMOR:That Tony Resco,William Ayers and Rev. Wright have ALL contributed in funding for Obama's campaign in some way or another.Why would a devowed Christian not only have associations with 1 person like this,let alone many of them?There are other associations by the way not listed here like the company Acorn(fact)....Is he just unlucky and finds himself hanging around or involved with people with terrible backgrounds or does Obama have a side of him he is hiding?

        #3)FACT:Obama is Pro-choice and for gay rights...He is also ok with Post-birth abortion as well...have you heard the story of the Nurse picking the baby out of the trashcan and lived for like 45 minutes?Obama voted yes for this!Obama says he is a christian and has even quoted bible scriptures...He even said his MOM had MANY bibles in the house of ALL religions,so he would have an open mind and understanding.Obama also can speak in Arabic and Middle eastern languages VERY fluently.RUMOR:Most find it very hard for a christian to not take the value of life (abortion) more seriously than this.Supporting Homosexuality is not only wrong but is said to be a sin in the bible(fact)...You see Palin living her life the way she speaks with the down Syndrome baby and valuing the life when she could have abborted the baby by knowing in advance....Mccain could have left prison earlier than he did,but chose to do the honorable thing in letting the man who was at the prison before him go 1st!Why is it so hard to find things Obama has done in life that backs up his christian values of the love of Jesus Christ....Whether it is put someone else 1st before himself, like both Mccain and Palin has Obviously done?(can someone find something for me,so I can delete this from Obama's bad profile)?

        #4)FACT:Obama came out of the blue to win the primaries and beat Hillary who had 13 million votes..Myself and many,many others had never even heard of this guy.He doesn't fit the bill for any presidential candidate as he was only in the Senate for a couple of years unlike Mccain or even Biden who's been there for over 30 years...That's what the argument has been about comparing Palin,who has at least executive experience being a Mayor and then governor...She was even in control of the national guard in Alaska as well as on the oil committee in Alaska...Obama was a community organizer in Illinois, then in the Senate and didn't make very many if any strong contributions other than voting present while there...He has charisma,speaks very well and has a HUGE following for some reason as well as being the 1st African American in history to be on the ballot as President.He has the support from Oprah(he's the one) to every Hollywood celebrity around with the exception to John Voight.People have fainted in his presence and have said he has an "ora" about him when they are near him...Oprah said she cried her eyebrows off at the DNC when he spoke...He has also made his own seal without being elected yet...There have been dozens of biblical references about him from him being the Messiah to even Mccain using a Moses video of him cause of his support around the world...and of course oprah said he's the "one"...Have you watched the media lately..?They ALL support him except FOX news...If it wasn't for o'Reilly,Hannity,Greta and Megyn kelly,it would be Obama world!!It would be like ESPN annointing the Cowboys as SB champions before the season is over...(like they do)They make fun of Palin on SNL(saturday night live)They make fun of Mccain as well on their plus the NBC,CNN and all the otehrs...have you see a clip of Obama or Biden being made fun of?Anything...?Anything at all?We already know that Biden said the president in 1929 was Franklin roosevelt and that when he was on TV(no tv's in 1929) he talked about the stock Market crash....Uh...Hoover was president then!This of course got swept under the rug...Had Palin said this,Mccain would have had to kick her off the ticket!RUMOR:If you are watching a christian can only presume that evil forces are at work here...The world is blind except for the few...Remember that bracelet Obama wore during the friday debate?Did you know the Mother did NOT wantObama wearing it and using it as a campaign ploy?Yet he used it in his Rebuttel, when mccain pointed to his wristband about the fallen soldier(fact)!This is why many believe Obama is the Antichrist foretold in the Holy Bible!

        I have never been one to think is he..or is she the antichrist in my life...nobody has ever in my life time fit this description...Hitler,Bin laden and all the evil doers were just that...evil doers!

        I knew the Antichrist would decieve the world as it says in the Bible...I knew that he would seem to be a wonderful man and the light in people's eyes...

        All this "Change" and "hope" seems too good to be true...But people just soak it up like a sponge,without even thinking twice as if they are all robots!

        Now does this mean I'm right and I know for sure that Obama is the AC?No it does NOT! I must be very careful who I blame,assume,judge,criticize and so on as nobody knows but the Lord himself...

        I also know that I must not be blind and must keep an open mind,otherwise myself will be tricked in assuming something and end up wrong!

        But I must say in honesty and in my heart my friends...Something in my heart tells me that Obama is not who he says he is...Obama isn't an open book like Mccain,Palin and Biden....I see many secrets and dark skeletons about this man!I also feel that he is and will do anything to remain campaigning for the presidency...And when he gets it...And he will get it(afterallthat Acorn company I was talking about is the VOTING machine corporation that has been involved with the voters fraud in Ohio,N.Mexico and others...we will ALL experience "change" for sure!

        And fortunately there will also be hope as well, but not because of Barack Hussein Obama...but because of the return of our King and Kings in the very near future in Jesus Christ!

        So to answer the original posters question of thread....Is there any bible versus that disqualify Obama as president?Perhaps

        But I know of a few that make him qualified as well!

        So do I think the Antichrist is here and the great tribulation is almost here?I do!

        And I don't know why for sure....But I feel in my heart and soul(although I need to keep faith in Jesus and let Jesus lead the way)...that the man running for President of the United States of America by the Name of "Barack Hussein Obama" is the Beast of the Bible and the one us Christians call the Antichrist.

        Yes...I believe he is the one who will sign a covenent of peace with Israel for 7 years and break that peace agreement after 3 1/2 years (as the Islamic Muslims are promised to do in their belief in never keeping treaties with the enemies)

        And sit in the house of David and claim he is the one and only Christ!

        Now even if he loses election,don't just push all that out the door either cause maybe he gets a leadership role somewhere else in the world...

        Having said all of this...I will not make my conclusions concrete and keep other possibilities open....

        So forgive my directness and forgive my ignorance if i am wrong my friends!

        I don't expect you guys to believe me and assume I'm right as you shouldn't do that anyways...I'm just a regular person here!

        But don't just assume he's coming out of the middle East ( w/ya)and risk yourself being blindsided by it,if this is at all possible...

        Think what I'm saying is impossible...?Maybe you should watch this 3 minute video?

        I love you all and lets pray that America keeps it love for Jesus Christ!
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          I am going to close this for mod review. Naming the AC is not permitted and though the OP was asking "why not" it still kinda naming the AC only in reverse.

          Let those smarter than I look the thread over and we will go from there. -