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How does John know the numbers apply?

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  • How does John know the numbers apply?

    John doesn't get shown the sealing, yet he knows the numbers apply, how?

    Rev. 7 shows John many things, but not the scene of the "we" angels going about settng sealing marks on the tribes. So when John didn't see the from the east "we" set that had given their plagues away -seal can he be sure the numbers he heard link to that time? Because this is when John also saw the from the east "we" angels stand before God. The OT shows that who seals gives the report back to God. So John had seen the "we" angel set giving out the numbers of the people they had sealed.
    What does Rev. 7 show comes in this chapter that killed the people in white robes with palms in their hands?

    great tribulation
    Rev.7 - palms in their hands/ shows victory over the beast, his image, etc

    The two witnesses of Rev. 11 are there.
    Those that had died under the time of Satan going after the brethren are there as martyrs for Jesus Christ.
    When do the two witnesses get slain? -They get slain by the beast, that ascendeth out of the bottomless pit, near the end of the trib time/2nd woe.
    That woe takes a trumpet to bring it forth.

    So how did John see the trumpet events in Rev. 7?
    When the angels gave their report as to how many were sealed, they were given then the trumpets to sound. The from the east "we" angels are the same group as the seven angels.
    After they got their trumpets in Rev. 7, they moved to the altar, and another angel came. This one angel will leave to go stand at the golden altar, which is before God.