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Another sign of the last days?

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  • Another sign of the last days?

    This is an eye opening article written by Brigitte Gabriel. She grew up in Lebanon...which at one time was primarily a Christian country...and witnessed how Islam gradually took over her country. In this article she warns us that the same is happening to America.

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    sign of the last days indeed

    a strange trend is occurring: islam is growing in western countries, and christianity is growing in the middle east.

    western countries who have been exposed to christianity for quite some time have essentially grown tired of the religion, whereas places that have not been predominantly christian are becoming so.

    a scripture comes to mind:

    "...the kingdom of God will be taken away from you and given to a people who will produce fruit for it." [mat 21:43]

    god's blessings are present in areas of the world where people are reluctant and zealous to receive them.