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Ink Based RFID + Current Economic Crisis

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  • Ink Based RFID + Current Economic Crisis

    This is old news (about 1 year old), but it's worth mentioning in light of the world's economic woes.

    Kovio, Inc. has developed the world's first silicon ink-based RFID tag and the company's printed silicon RFID platform for item-level intelligence.

    According to Prophezine, "Folks, Ink based RFID tags is something that I have been keeping my eye on for some time now. Do you realize that the direction this technology leading, they will be able to 'tattoo' an RFID enabled tattoo, on a person? Now the technology is not totally developed, but it is coming.

    In today's world, RFID works using passive RFID. Imagine, instead of passive RFID, meaning that it needs an outside source to cause the chip to give a signal, the chips are pro-active thus being able to collect and transmit data. Let's take it a step further and these chips are being powered by the bodies own electrical currents. These chips would give your location 24/7. In fact they could be used to monitor your heart rate, actions, physical output, etc. Is it possible? Yes it is. But more than that, they can link into all kinds of technology. For example, If the chips are ever turned 'off,' you are either dead or your body part is missing. If the body part is missing, the chips will still not be active because it needs the human host to power the chips.

    Now, let't take that a step further and integrate the chip with holographic and biometric technology and one will have a pretty secure, hacker proof bio-identification.

    Imagine if you were a single number and that number is associated to everything you do, how easy would it be to just "turn off the number" and all of a sudden you are no longer part of the society? In effect, you could no longer buy or sell, in fact you could basically do nothing. I know that this sounds pretty science fiction, but this is technology that is here today."

    Friends, he's absolutely right. This isn't science fiction, but science fact and when you couple the existence of this technology with all the other things going on in the world today and consider how it could be used front and center if a new global financial system were put into place it's clear that our time is short - very short.

    I mean, just think for a moment about the current global economic crisis and the world's desperate need for a financial solution to the world's woes and what do you come up with?

    Read Revelation 13:16-18.

    SOURCE: Look Up Fellowship

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    The technology is from a company called 'Somark' innovations

    Here is a pdf update on the progress


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      Wow our Lord Jesus is certainly at the door. God be with us and let us not be deceived. Amen and amen!