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    Re: Learn what the Lord is saying to us

    So you just choose to ignore the verses I quoted that prove the Lord is not seen on His Day of wrath?
    In no way can all the Vials [Bowls] be poured out on the same day, Just read them to see that is impossible.
    I do concede that the 7th Bowl is the Lord's destruction of the armies at Armageddon, when He Returns. But all the rest of the Seals, Trumpets and Bowls are before that, commencing with the Sixth seal, soon to happen reset of the worlds civilization, that will set the scene for all that must happen BEFORE Jesus Returns.

    Revelation 16:16 The spirits assemble the armies at Armageddon.
    [This is a wide valley, just northeast of Mt Carmel, actually quite a distance from Jerusalem – at least 2 days march, I would think.]
    Is this event, at to the Return of Jesus, the same as the Lord’s Day of vengeance and wrath?
    Purpose To destroy the armies attacking Jerusalem, not a judgement against the nations.
    Location - This attack is just in Israel, not worldwide, as is the Day of vengeance.
    The players- The Anti Christ, beast and false prophet are not mentioned at the Day of vengeance and wrath, the Sixth Seal and the many other prophesies of that event.
    The method - Destruction by Christ’s sharp sword, not the same as the vivid descriptions of a fire judgement, prophesied more than 70 times in the Bible and referred to in Hebrews 10:27, 2 Thessalonians 1:7-8, 2 Peter 3:7.

    It is evident that there are two separate ‘Days of the Lord’ in which the Lord acts to punish His enemies. The Sixth Seal, the Day of the Lord’s vengeance and wrath, is the next prophesied event that we can expect, of a worldwide judgement/punishment by fire from the sun, which will clear and cleanse His Land. Most clearly described in Isaiah 63:1-6 and Habakkuk 3:12 ‘Furiously You traverse the earth, in anger You trample down the nations.’ But the Lord is not seen: Psalms 11:4-6, Psalms 18:11, +

    Then, much later, at the Return of Jesus, is the Sixth and Seventh Bowl fulfilment, the great Day of the Sovereign Lord, when He disposes of the armies of the Anti Christ.
    Revelation 19:19-21, Zechariah 14:3-5


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      Re: Learn what the Lord is saying to us

      Isaiah 34:1-5 Approach, you nations and listen – attend you peoples. Let the earth listen, all the world and all that is in it.
      For the Lords anger is against all the nations and His wrath upon all their armies. He has given them over to slaughter and destruction.
      [Joel 2:1-11]
      Their slain will be flung out and their blood will cover the ground. Their dead bodies will stink. Jeremiah 25:33
      All the host of heaven will fade away. The sky will roll up as a scroll.
      For My sword appears in heaven and descends in judgement on Edom – on a people whom I have doomed for destruction
      . Jeremiah 49:7-22

      Isaiah 34:6-17 The Lord has a sword covered in blood – the blood of lambs and goats.
      For the Lord has a sacrifice in Bozrah and a great slaughter in Edom.
      Their land will drink deep of their blood and be enriched by their fat.
      For the Lord has a Day of vengeance, a time for retribution, to uphold Zion’s cause.
      Edom’s rivers will be turned into pitch and it’s soil into brimstone. Smoke from it will rise forever, no one will ever again pass through it. The owl and raven will make it their home. All wild birds and beasts will have their place in that land.
      Reference, Revised English Bible, some verses abridged.

      From verse 4, we get the clue that this terrible Day of the Lords judgement is also the Sixth Seal – Rev 6:12-17 .....There was a violent earthquake; the sun turned black and the moon red as blood, stars fell to the earth, the sky vanished like a scroll being rolled up. The kings of the earth, the rich and powerful, and all men hid themselves in caves and under rocks: they called out for the earth to hide them from the One who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb. For the great Day of their vengeance has come and who can stand? Isaiah 2:12-21 & Isaiah 63:1-6... judgement on Edom and Bozrah.

      Edom= the ungodly nations.”A people doomed for destruction”.
      Bozrah= the sheepfold, the present locations of the House of Israel, but the Lord has a sacrifice there; of those who refuse and rebel. Ezekiel 20:38