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Israel Palestine Peace Plan

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    Originally posted by randyk View Post
    Well, if you dismiss all authorities on a given subject, how am I to judge what you say objectively?

    I'm anxious to know where your "burden" comes from? It may be that you've mixed in your own prophetic presumptions with a legitimate biblically-based prophetic burden?

    You do seem called to warn people of judgment. I just think you do a disservice to your own ministry by focusing on specific times and methods, to the exclusion of other methods of judgment that happen *all the time.* Judgment may occur on any given occasion, and we should all be warned of that--not just EMPs.

    For example, I grew up during the Cold War with the threat of MAD. So my focus came to be largely on nuclear war. But I have to enter into "today," and recognize there are a whole host of potential problems, including EMPs.

    In the time of the rise of Islam, Christian prophecy teachers probably came to focus on it as the main fulfillment of the Antichrist. And during the time of the corrupt papacy in Luther's day, Protestants probably began to focus on the RCC as the Antichrist.

    But if we remain flexible, and keep abreast of contemporary events, we may find that prophecy must speak to "today," and not simply on a single catastrophic problem. Otherwise, we may, in the long run, look foolish.

    Expand your focus, brother. A message of judgment is indeed needed. Trying to nail down specific applications of general prophecies gets us into the field of "come to me, I'll tell you what it means." We need to send people to Jesus for salvation. Our message is fair warning to those who are double-minded on this.
    My God given task is to promote the Bible prophesies. I do that to the best of my abilities, using the resource of the Internet. The fact that I have very little success, is not my concern; neither did the ancient prophets.
    I present the Message and like Ezekiel 3:21 - I will have discharged my duty.

    Regarding the ECF's, the Commentators and other 'authorities on the subject' of Bible prophecy, there are many verses that show how they cannot be right; Matthew 11:25, 1 Cor 1:20, 1 Cor 3:18, 2 Cor 4:4, Romans 11:8, Ephesians 4:18, Isaiah 42:18-20, Isaiah 8:16, Jeremiah 4:22, +
    Daniel 12:8-10 tells us that the prophesies are kept secret and sealed until the end times and only then will a few wise leaders understand.
    Pray to be one of them!


    • Re: Israel Palestine Peace Plan

      Trump says likely to release Mideast peace plan after Israel election
      by Reuters, Israel Hayom Staff August 19, 2019

      US president says Washington might “release small parts" of plan dubbed "deal of the century" prior to Sept.17 vote. The political aspects of the plan have so far been kept under wraps and no details have been published as to how it may tackle key issues impeding the long-stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace process.