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Is the temple in Rev 11:1-2 literal?

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  • Re: Is the temple in Rev 11:1-2 literal?

    Originally posted by Trivalee View Post
    So if a statement that those in a prison facility are said to be released, it means the correctional facility if not physical, but figurative in your view?
    Weird argument, which shows how wrong you are.
    IF a statement says those who are in a correctional facility are released, and that release speaks of a PHYSICAL release, then the correctional facility MUST be PHYSICAL in order for it to be preventing the PHYSICAL release.
    However IF that release speaks of something which is NOT PHYSICAL, a person's soul, then CLEARLY by the SAME reasoning (as above) then the place where that something is kept is also NOT PHYSICAL.

    You just don't get it, do you? You're hell-bent on pursuing this tottering interpretation that you don't realise how ludicrous it is.
    a - there is nothing in scripture (other than your imagination) that says the NHNE won't be instant.
    b - your choice of analogy in the spiritual newness of a believer and the replacement of the old earth with the new is pretty poor. While heaven and earth are physical, the transforming mindset of the believer is spiritual. Sure you see how incompatible they are?
    A) I have said it is instant, and it is a process. Both are found in scripture.
    B) If you CANNOT compare one scriptural truth with another then that is poor. Is a believer ONLY transformed spiritually? Will you not also be transformed physically? Further it is the spiritual which occurs FIRST for BOTH a believer AND the NHNE.