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Will the 2 Witnesses 1260 days run concurrent or consecutive to the AC's 3.5 years?

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  • Re: Will the 2 Witnesses 1260 days run concurrent or consecutive to the AC's 3.5 year

    Originally posted by Deade View Post
    Everyone seems to be an authority on what constitutes a faith movement. One says it turns an entire nation to God. That has never happened. Another says it will bring converts. Really? The first one I described started with Elijah.

    1 Kings 18:22 "Then said Elijah unto the people, I, even I only, remain a prophet of the LORD; but Baal's prophets are four hundred and fifty men."

    Then Elisha took over. Jesus and John the Baptist started the second one. Until the Day of Pentecost no one else had the HS. May I remind you that it was the HS that gave me the term. A faith movement does not have to fit anyone's description. Dismiss it if you like. It is like saying I am following the wrong Spirit. All I am saying "In the Spirit and Power of Elijah" is a faith movement.
    If I have a penny every time someone claimed the "Holy Spirit gave them something" I will be a rich man. The fact your claim that the Witnesses will start a "faith movement" isn't true proves you spoke from your carnal mind which has nothing to do with the HS. You can have a "revival", but not a "faith movement" because the latter implies the introduction of some other deity, doctrine, religion, theology, etc where faith is bestowed.

    Even Martin Luther's 1517 Reformation that shaped the modern church and brought it in line with the scriptural view of salvation - was not called a "faith movement". You can't have a faith movement when faith in Christ has existed from the 1st century.

    The folly of your interpretation citing Elijah, Elisha, (except Jesus), John the Baptist, etc. as those who introduced "faith movements" is that this line of argument would suggest that every preacher from the 1st advent to the 2Ws would have started a faith movement!