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    I enjoy this quote...


    "The historicist view is that 666 is the calculation of the Greek word, LATEINOS (the Latin one). The earliest record of this interpretation is found in Irenaeus’ book, Against Heresies (180 AD). I will let Rev. Wilhelmus à Brakel explain the reason for this understanding.

    The Greeks calculated with their alphabet. Their letters were also numbers. That means that one word can represent a certain matter, place, or person, as well as a number. This was the number 666. The Greek letters, which were used for this number, were also a number of man, spelling a human name. Shortly after the time of the apostles the number 666 translated to the name LATEINOZ, the first king of the region where Rome is located. The land was called Latium after him. And the language they spoke was called the Latin language, as it is still called."

    So what is 666? I really don't know, but it's fun to speculate. Here are a few of my thoughts, based on the above quote. 666 appears to be the numerical value of a significant name in the time of the Apostle John. John could not give out the name of a well-known Roman figure, and view him as "evil." So he provides a riddle that he knows fellow Christians can solve, and one of those names may represent a Roman king.

    Some thought the name adds up to Nero, though that is questionable. It seems more natural that John is depicting a Roman emperor in general, rather than a specific king. The thought is that the Beast will be a Roman emperor, of sorts, and control European commerce and business. Those who serve him will in effect be serving an unholy, Satanic cause. The Nero theory may be a relatively recent view in history, which would, in my mind, rule it out.

    It does not seem logical that the Christians of our time are supposed to figure out the riddle and apply numerical values to any prominent name or political figure today. That's because we no longer assign numerical values to letters in a name. So my guess is that we have to allow the church of John's day solve the riddle, and then apply the results in our day. That would mean that 666 adds up to be a "Latin king," which in our time would mean the Antichrist is also a "Latin king." This numerical value, or name, applied to commerce and business in Europe, would in effect be the stamp of the Antichrist upon them. And those who agree to do business through the Antichristian Empire are stamping themselves as members of that evil Empire.