Satan has been disempowered by Jesus, and thereby must use his Demons and Godless Humans to do his work. And, as The Prince of the Air he has effectively done so. He has even corrupted all Christian broadcast and cable media. Just observe TBN.

The Corporate Secular News outlets are entirely controlled by Big Money, otherwise called "Mammon" in Scripture. They thereby have no interest in giving any actually useful news to the Public, but rather work to manipulate the minds, pursuits, emotions, loyalties, desires, opinions, thinking processes, affections, insecurities, spending habits, outward identities, and self images of the Public. Including those who call themselves Christian.

Nothing stated or displayed by Corporate Secular News, or even by Christian producers, is to be believed or even cited as any source of true information. Jesus never spoke of matters relating to Geopolitics or to Macroeconomics. We should neither.

All True Believers are to speak only Scripture, Principles of God, words of Light and Godly Hope, words of Unconditional Forgiveness, and words of The Kingdom through Christ the Door. All other words are mindless chatter.