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Identifying the four notable ones Dan 8 proves Dan 2 and Dan 7 are not the same four

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    Re: Identifying the four notable ones Dan 8 proves Dan 2 and Dan 7 are not the same f

    Originally posted by randyk View Post
    You read, perhaps, that the word "little horn" is the same in both Dan 7 and Dan 8, and therefore conclude that they are the same, and that the 4 divisions in Dan 8 have to be the same in Dan 7. Use of the same term does not imply the same entity is being referred to. In fact I believe it is a fallacy to do this.
    Dan 8
    11 Yea, he magnified himself even to the prince of the host, and by him the daily sacrifice was taken away, and the place of the sanctuary was cast down.

    Dan 12
    11 And from the time that the daily sacrifice shall be taken away, and the abomination that maketh desolate set up, there shall be a thousand two hundred and ninety days.

    Do you identify as the daily sacrifice being taken away the same events in chapter 8 and 12? If so, clearly Dan 12 is speaking of a time up to the second coming of Christ which would then prove Dan 8 to be of the same time.


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      Re: Identifying the four notable ones Dan 8 proves Dan 2 and Dan 7 are not the same f

      Originally posted by ross3421 View Post

      Not sure I follow your reply. However you appear to question the two horns on the second beast Rev 13 and that these horns show this beast to have to be before others

      Let me explain the two horns. The first beast has 10 horns and the second has two. So we have a total of 12 horns in Rev 13.. What do these 12 represent? Well biblically they would represent Israel hence we see this second beast assume control over the divided kingdom of Israel 10/2. The second beast (little horn/ 8th king) being king over the kingdom has united both houses. So the ten kings are 10 kings each over one tribe of the northern kingdom of Israel, wherein the second beast is from the southern kingdom of Judah which has two tribes.

      What we are seeing in Rev 13 is a king which has assumed control over the world claiming to be the Lion from the tribe of Judah. The 12 total horns shows control over Israel and the 7 heads represent the church. The beast has destroyed the infidel (true believers/saints) then goes and marries the woman in Rev 17.
      As theologically enticing as the 10 horns and 2 horns may be correlated to the 10 tribes and 2 tribes, I don't believe it to be a theologically relevant position to hold to, for several reasons.
      1. The beast with 2 horns does not come on the prophetic scene (rise) no sooner than the (final) 42 months extension of time that is given to the 1st beast. And, according to Rev 11 (&numerous O.T. passages), this 42 months will be complimented by the desolation of Jerusalem until their times are fulfilled. Not only will there not be an antichrist ruling from Jerusalem during these 42 months (of thee beast with 2 horns), neither will there be an antichrist ruling from there prior to this time.
      2. The kingdom of the 10 horns, under the guiding hand of the little horn, (in accordance with #1 above) not only brings destruction to Jerusalem, but to the whole world as well. The thrust of Daniel 2 is not that of 4 kingdoms (or even 5) but it is this:
      "In the days of these [4] kings shall the God of heaven set up a [the everlasting] kingdom of God" and "these 4 kingdoms [constituted by the gold, silver, brass and iron and clay] shall be broken to pieces together [aka, at the same time] ". This all culminates in the little horn [&the 10 horns] breaking the whole world into pieces and the saints of God consuming the kingdom of the beast. And as Rev 17 states, the LAMB overcomes and defeats these 10 kings. The result will be the full reemergence of these 4 kingdoms of Daniel 2 & 7 (during these final 42 months). For a season and a time, the 4th king of Daniel 7 will reclaim authority over the dominion of the 4 kingdoms. The dominion of these 1st three kings, will be restored and will facilitate the saints consumption of the kingdom of the beast.
      3. At the time of the desolation of Jerusalem, Zechariah 14 et al, says that the Lord will be king over all the earth. That is another way of saying that the kingdom of God comes at that time. The living elect saints of God, who were gathered to Jerusalem were scattered unto all the earth [the 4 winds]. They will not be dwelling in Jerusalem during this time for the beast to be ruling over them. There will not be any antichrist ruling over Jerusalem. Rev 17 says that the great city RULES OVER THE KINGS OF THE EARTH, and not the other way around.
      3. Tho I believe that there will be more than 10 kings that participate in the attack on Jerusalem, I believe that the 10 will, NOT be tied to the 10 tribes, but rather constitute the makeup of the 4 kingdoms of Daniel 2. This is why I believe that the 10 horned kingdom is referred to as such, even after 3 horns are uprooted.

      Be Blessed
      The PuP