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  • Activist Mommy still keeping it real

    Facebook briefly banned her a while back for her outspoken Christian stance on sensitive social issues, but backed down after media attention caused backlash over the obvious bias and censorship tactics. In this clip, Elizabeth Johnston, "the Activist Mommy," (a mommy of 10, by the way), sets her sights on the endless variations being currently added to the world of distorted gender identification.

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    When we stand before the Judgment Seat, we will have retained only two things from our earthly life: what God gave us, and what we did with what He gave us.

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    Re: Activist Mommy still keeping it real

    nice rant. Sometimes we need that kind of energy, as noted by the lack of response to the thread, we're all just so tired of this LGBT... war, but really for the kids' sake we do need to speak out and take a stand, even if it's just on facebook, lol.
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