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Behavior of children in public elementary schools

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    Re: Behavior of children in public elementary schools

    Originally posted by FaithfulSheep View Post
    I am a younger teacher (this is my 4th year) and I see the same things. I work at an inner-city elementary school and see much of the same things you mentioned. Students interrupt the class, they yell, they throw things, they bully, they call each other horrible names... and why? Well, they are many times taught that is okay.

    I have a child in my class, who we will call "Mary." Mary pushes the other kids and yells at them to get what she wants. One time I asked her why she did these things to other kids. She told me to get what she wants. I asked her if that was the right thing to do. She responded yes. So I followed that up with why is it okay to push others, hit them, and call them names? Her response... "That's what mamma told me to do." And yes, I truly believe that is what she was taught.

    A lot of the kids in this school has seen more and been through more than I've ever been through in my life. (And they are just 8 and 9). Are they respectful? No. Are they kind to others (students and adults)? No. But you know, I've learned that with these kids, you can make a big difference.

    I know that when I hug some of those kids, that's the only hug they will get all day. When I tell them what a great job they did, that may be the only praise they get all day. When they come to me to talk because someone was sent to jail the night before or stabbed or hit by a car or wrongfully arrested, I may be the only one they feel safe enough and comfortable enough around to let me know how they feel. It is in schools like this that we can make the greatest difference in this children's lives. I asked the Lord to place me in a school where I can make a difference, and He did. And though it is tough, I am so thankful He did.
    Trust me, they will remember you rname when they're adults. I was one of those kids, and I remember three teachers who were the best male role models I could ever have. Mr. George Lettner, Mr. Paul Carter, and Dr. Lovelace (For some reason, he's the only one of the three whose first name I never knew) were the /best/ teachers /ever/. Some days, they were the only reason I'd fight through the gang violence and craziness at school /for/. I so loved them! I could always count on them if I needed an ear, or even forty minutes of peace. Mr. Lettner, especially, was good about letting me stay in his classroom over lunch just so I could have some silence. He wasn't supposed to (you know, that whole rule) but he did it anyway, and never a grumble of protest. I even managed to get better math grades because he'd take the time to go over my homework with me.

    Anyway, I just wanted to encourage you to keep on keeping on, because you're right: You might be the one thing that gets those kids to keep on keeping on. If you never hear it from them, hear it from me: THANK YOU.


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      Re: Behavior of children in public elementary schools

      Originally posted by servantsheart View Post
      As a Para Ed. working in the public school system in an elementary school for the past five years I am deeply worried about the furture as a nation with the children we are serving every day.
      Since God was removed from our public school system and He is not apart of most homes today...parents do not have the Biblical guide lines to bring their children up with Godly attitudes, good morals, good work ethics, accountability, trust worthyness, good manners, and the list goes on and on and on.
      Don't get me wrong about what I am going to describe to you...I do enjoy being with children and helping them learn... And it is not to say that there are not 'good' parents in the world today.....BUT
      I over see the children from kindergarten to fifth grade at breakfast and the kindergarten and first grade during lunch times. The rest of the day I am with one student one-on-one all day.
      I try my best to correct with kindess but firmness when I see...The children during meal time not showing pliteness to teachers and staff, or to fellow students. They eat and talk at the same time with mouths filled with food, some try to touch the food of others (especially if someone brought their lunch and they have candy or sweets), they want to drink their milk right from the carton rather then using a straw, they don't use napkins to wipe their mouth or hands, when they hand you their tray they don't say, "thank you", if they spill something they simply expect you to clean it up and if you ask them to help they don't have the slightest idea about how to do it, they talk so loudly that the lights have to be blinked off and on to get their attention to ask them to talk quietly, the fifth graders make rude faces or comments if asked to lower their voices,...
      In class they disrupt the entire class with antics, talking, wondering about the room, picking at other students, plainly telling you that you can not make them do their work, they don't complete home work assignments and return them, ....
      Are you getting the idea that kids today are not being brought up at home and taught social skills, manners, politeness, responsibility, respect, how to care about their neighbor, how to dress for school or even the need for taking a bath and washing their hair, washing hands after using the restroom, how to drink from a water fountain without putting their whole mouth over it ( I have even seen a student spit in the water fountain),...
      The children I see daily talk about things that you would not believe, they talk about TV shows I don't even watch or movies, they read anything they want to read ( providing they can read) and it is Not just the school who teaches reading...children depend on parents who read to them and listen to them read in order to succed, they carry cell phones, they listen to any and all kinds of music on their MP3 players, they have their own tV's in their rooms and computers, they are dropped off at the local mall to entertain themselves all day,...
      And yet parents get upset if the school decides that a child has acted so badly at school that the school takes away a class trip or classroom party to help teach the child that they must behave ...this because we no longer have corpal punishment...let alone parents who would spank their own children at home and make them behave...
      WHY ARE PARENTS TODAY NOT BRINGING UP THEIR OWN CHILDREN? Parents act like it is the schools job to teach and raise their children.
      Am I the only older person working with children today and seeing our youth growing up and not being able to face the 'real' world as college students, working adults, and future parents.
      PS my husband was a principal for 14 years at an elementary school...he actually had a child in his office for correction and was trying to phone the parent when the child walked up behind him and put a pencil to the back of his neck and said, "Bang"!

      You do have a problem with a statement. God is not removed from schools. Human beings are not so strong! Many students, teachers and parents are Christians. They love Jesus. When they pray before the test. They read the Bible at home. They try and wear religious necklaces. God has not yet gone.

      I am sorry for bad behavior. However, the children of such bad manners is not important. Behavior is not important. First of all, Jesus, they should be loving. Where is their heart? How is everyone? Do they love Christ? They will be saved? Wash them in blood and then teach them to eat gracefully, but do not the last things first.

      Parents should be responsible. They teach behavior. But the school, the teacher's job is it too. The phone is OK if you have children, or television. Monitor how they watch it. Question it. Why do they like it? Well, they believe, because they need to look at it because friends do. Tell them no. My children fight. They see the television or film. Natasha sees girls in underwear dance and thinks she has to do it. Ilya, my son, he 10. He likes violence shows. We have not let him look at them. Too bad he likes. They are not ok for him. Do not mind the absurdity. Use the time wisely. Read a good book. Play outside. Be healthy. Worship the Lord. In this case, it is the parents business, but it should be a teacher doing it to when parents can't.